Which Printer Uses Less Ink

When selecting a printer, it is critical to examine the following: which printer consumes the least ink. The market is swamped with several options, ranging from single-function lasers and inkjets to multifunctional lasers and inkjets. You cannot determine a printer’s cost-effectiveness solely by its price tag.

The most crucial point to consider in printing is the cost of ink compared to the number of pages printed until the next refill. This will help you decide which printer is more cost-effective to work with. In this article, we will discuss how to calculate the cost-effectiveness of a printer and finally discuss which printer consumes less ink.

How to Calculate Which Printer Uses Less Ink

To calculate which printer uses less ink, follow the steps below and see how much it will cost you to print each page.

  • Start by identifying your specific printer ink cartilage.
  • Determine the page number per ink cartilage. This refers to the number of pages one cartilage can print until its completely empty. The more the printed pages the higher cost effective the ink cartilage is. And vice versa.
  • Find the cost of that particular ink cartilage.
  • Calculate the cost of per page by dividing the cost of the ink cartilage by the number of pages to be printed.

Most expensive cartilages have a low cost of printing per page compared to cheap cartilages. For instance, they are comparing HP63 and HP 952 ink cartilages.

A standard HP 63 cartilage price is around $18.99 with a page yield of 190 pages. This translates to $0.09 to print one page. On the other hand, a normal HP 952 cartilage costs around $31.99 with 1000 page yields, which means that the cost of one page is $0.03.

From the calculations above, you can easily tell that the printer that uses HP 952 is costly compared to the HP 63. HP63 cartilage may cost cheaper to purchase initially, but the re-current ink cost will make up for the low prices. While the HP952 is more expensive to buy, its price per page is relatively low.

5 Printer Which Uses Less Ink

Printers Which Uses Less Ink

Now that we have covered how to calculate the cost-effectiveness of a printer. We can now explore the top five printers which use less ink for a reasonable printing budget.

1. All in One HP Pro Office Jet 8035

This top, all-in-one HP pro office jet 8035 is an ink-saving printer with a printing speed of up to 20pages per minute. Being one of the cost-efficient printers on our list, it’s an excellent choice for your small home office, printing now and then. Scan, copy, print, and fax functions, are standard with a 35-sheet automatic document loader to save time and increase productivity.

This printer uses HP910 yellow, cyan, magenta, and black cartridges, which are available in both high yield and standard yield sizes. With HP 910 XL cartilage producing around 825 pages after complete usage.

All in one HP pro office jet 8035 properties

  • 20 pages printing per minute
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivity
  • Letter and legal size paper sizes
  • HP 910XL cyan, magenta and yellow colours producing up to 825 pages
  • Limited HP warranty

2. All in One HP 9015 Office Jet Pro

The next ink-efficient inkjet printer is HP 9015 office jet pro. This printer uses four different HP 962 ink cartridges. Yellow, black, cyan, and magenta. The cartridges are available in high and standard yield sizes. High yields or XL cartridges are more economical for customers that print more often. HP 962XL high yield black cartridges print up to 2000 pages while each color prints 1600 pages.

Printer Properties

  • Up to 22 pages per minutes
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivity
  • Legal and letter paper sizes
  • Limited HP warranty
  • HP 962XL black high yield ink printing up to 2000pages
  • HP 962XL cyan/yellow/magenta high yield printing up to 1600 pages per individual colour.

3. All in One EcoTank Epson ET-2750

Epson EcoTank series is a reasonable new approach to fuelling printers. With a proprietary well design that connects directly to the print head. ET-2750 uses four all-in-one high-volume tanks for printing. You don’t have to buy new cartridges all the time, but instead, you purchase ink bottles and refill the ink inside the printer.

EcoTank Epson printer model uses Epson 502 ink bottles, with the price for this model being around $19.99 for black ink and $13.99 for another color. Luckily, you can spend less by purchasing compatible Epson 502 ink refills for only $8.99 for black color and $7.99 for each color bottle.

If you print lots of work for your business, you should consider this EcoTank printer. But if your workload isn’t that much, this printer may be a bit expensive compared to the above-discussed printers.

EcoTank Epson Printer Properties

  • Up to 10.5 printing pages per minute
  • Up to 3000 print pages per month
  • Legal and letter paper size
  • 2 years limited warranty
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivity
  • Epson 502 EcoTank Black ink printing up to 7,500 pages
  • Epson 502 EcoTank colour ink printing up to 6,000 pages

4. Brothers Inkvestment MFC-J805DW Ink Tank

MFC-J805’s printers are hard to beat with reasonable cost per page. This printer does It all, and it is ink effective designed for mid-level monthly output with 12 pages per minutes printing. The new gauge displays how much ink is left; you don’t run out of ink unknowingly. This Brother Printer uses INKvestment cartridges. The system produces monochrome prints for very little per page.

The MFC-J805 printer uses LC3033 super high yield or LC3035 high yield ultra inkvestment cartridges. Ultra-high-yield cartridges are more expensive, but the cost per page is lower. According to Brothers metrics, each ultra-monochrome page costs around 0.9 cents, and ultra-high yield color pages total to 4.5cents.

Original LC3035 Brother brand ultra-high yield prints up to 6000 pages and each color cartridge up to 5000 pages. You can go for compatible LC3033 and LC3035 cartridges and get more prints for lesser.

MFC-J805DW Printer Properties

  • Up to 5,000 pages’ monthly duty
  • 12 pages printing speed per minute
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivity
  • Legal and letter paper size
  • Limited warranty by the Brothers
  • LC3035 Brothers ultrahigh yield black ink up to 6000 print pages
  • LC3035 Brothers Ultra high yield yellow, cyan and magenta 5000 pages with colour.

5. Canon G5020 PIXMA MegaTank Inkjet Printer

This canon G5020 PIXMA MegaTank is a new ink tank printer almost equal to the previous Epson EcoTank but lower cost per page. It’s also compatible with various paper sizes and varieties. In addition, it has a 4” x 6” borderless photo printing function. This printer is a good choice if you frequently print in color.

Canon G5020 PIXMA Printer Properties

  • 20,000 pages per monthly duty
  • 13 pages per minute print speed
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivity
  • Letter and legal paper size
  • Limited Canon Warranty
  • Canon GI-20 black Ink printing up to 6000 pages
  • Canon GI-20 Cyan, yellow and magenta printing up to 7700 pages

The above-discussed pages per cartilage are not exact numbers but rough estimates. Page printed numbers depend on the printing type and your printing preference screen settings. In addition, the rough estimates are provided by the manufacturers, not exact numbers.


From the discussion above, you have noticed the need for getting the correct figure on which printer uses less ink and how to calculate it before getting the right printer to suit your needs. If you frequently print, ensure you check the monthly printer volume designed for each printer model. To avoid getting a printer that will break down often due to overworking.

The above list of the five most ink-effective printers can guide you on where you can start your search. Knowing where to get original and compatible ink cartridges for your printer at an affordable price can save a thousand dollars.