WhatsApp secure your calls with End to End Encryption

WhatsApp conversation between users secures with end-to-end encryption. While the new call header user will see a notification indicating End-to-end encrypted. The encryption is a type of data protection between two users with key and lock factor. In between the data can’t view by anyone else but just between to users. These users are distributed with Key and Lock. User 1 type a message and lock with special encryption and recipient of the message assign a key to unlock the protection layer and see the message. For anyone else the data is not readable and layers of protection that need to recipient or sender permission to unlock and view it.

Current the new feature available for testing purpose with the beta user only. And beta user can try testing a new feature. If you are using the WhatsApp beta, that you may see End-to-end call header. The feature under test to see the result and bug to fix. It is going to implement and integrate within all users WhatsApp account. If you are using normal WhatsApp with less feature, then try to join WhatsApp Beta Program and to download along with the new feature.

Who can see Call header option on WhatsApp call

WhatsApp Android

Currently, Android users who join and download WhatsApp Beta can see the feature. However, update to WhatsApp beta version 2.20.129 can see call header option (End-to-end encrypted). If you are already on WhatsApp Beta, then try updating it from Google Play store to see the new feature.

For normal user, they have to wait and see the implementation in normal updates. For instance, the new feature pass the test in beta version to improve and enhance it for normal WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp Call header End-to-end encrypted

WhatsApp iOS

WhatsApp Messenger For iOS user, the WhatsApp beta version iOS include now the new calling header feature. Call header feature can now secure voice communication between users with End-to-encrypted feature. User need to update the WhatsApp beta from App store to make sure the latest version in order to see the new feature.

Other users of iOS can’t see the new feature, and soon it will allow it after passing the beta test. It hands on the new feature prior to release it for the normal user, then joins WhatsApp beta program to see iOS WhatsApp Messenger new call header.

WhatsApp Call header iOS

Latest version but no header call

if you already have the beta latest version and can’t see the new end-to-end calling header, then wait to get the update soon. Google Play Store and iOS App Store are pushing update partially to users regionally. It may take a few days to reach and get the latest version on your smartphone.

Trying Beta but the program is closed now

Some users might trying join the beta version on both Android Play Store and iOS App Store but program is closed. It’s mean currently number of required users for beta test are full and quota left to test new feature. However, user can wait until WhatsApp add more slots or some people leave beta program to empty slots. After that, you can see the availability to join and download WhatsApp beta version.

The benefit of Beta version, is that only you can see new feature to try it on your smartphone. You can may see bug while trying new feature which need to report it. It is how the developer is trying to fix on number of devices and clear any clutter. For normal users, they get these new feature after it graduate from beta version. Mass release then happen and people around the world can see new feature in next update from Play store and App store.

Other features

iOS user will get WhatsApp group call limit. The limit is to increase in even number possibly from 6, 8 and to 12. The lockdown situation increase the need and use of group call. For those you need to set on the meeting everyday can join whatsApp group call with maximum limit.

Similar more members in group call adding to Android user too. As the Android users around the world the more than people using iOS. iOS is limit to iPhone while Android distribution is to many other phones.

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