What is Google Classroom, and Who Should Use It?

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Do you know Google Classroom and who should use the Classroom? In the era of the digital classroom, it is essential to have virtual spaces for students, teachers, and everyone supporting them. Google Classrooms provides all people interested in the learning process a centralized user-friendly hub for classwork collaboration. It is the best platform for teachers and students both.

Google offer classroom to everyone like teachers and student something that would save the school money, save them time, communicate better with parents and students, help struggling learners, and impact the learning environment or platform for students.

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Google Classroom Is a Web App for Collaboration

The classroom is the latest tool of Google for the educational market is not really a digital space for creating documents or sharing files; that is widely the work of Google Docs and Google Drive. Neither Google Classroom an online gathering space; that’s Google Hangouts Meet or Google Hangouts.

Google Classroom for Teachers

The Classroom is a platform for the teachers can create and share, quizzes, assignments, and announcements. Grading, administration, and class organization can all be managed in its interface.

Google Classroom Interface

The Classroom for Students

Google Classroom for students uses intuitive tools to keep track of due dates and upcoming activities; discuss topics with instructors and multiple classmates; and share their content, projects, and thoughts. Guardians, caregivers, and parents can be added as well, giving them access and use to report that summarizes the student’s activity.

Google Classroom for Kindergarteners

The Kindergarteners can use the Google Classroom to share their art projects, the students of high school looking to keep up during coronavirus quarantine, or adult learners who wish a fully integrated method to manage digitally their classwork.

Google Classroom Is Free for Individuals and Schools

Google offers for all people who have free access to tools like Google Drive and Gmail. “G Suite” is the enterprise subscription product that bundles these–and other–tools for schools and workplaces. If you are part of a non-profit or school, you may able to qualify for free G Suite access. Individuals can also access and use Google Classroom for free, although some organizations may require to pay for the tool as a part of Google’s G Suite service.

Google explains it clear that this free-of-cost product is not displayed ads for revenue, nor does it selling your data for advertising purposes.

Get Started With Google Classroom

If you want to get started with Google Classroom and try out for free by creating a classroom of your own. Open any of your browsers to classroom.google.com. In case you have a Google account, log in, or sign in to your account with your email address and password. Otherwise, you will require to create a free Google account or create a new Gmail account and then sign in or log in.

  1. Go to the Classroom’s main page click on the Plus sign (+) in the upper right to create your own classroom
  2. Then click on the Create Class option
  3. Click on the People tab available in any class on which you can invite teachers or students to your class
  4. Click on the Invite icon on the right side of either Students or Teachers to send invites via the email address
  5. Another way, you can send the class code to your students listed at the bottom
  6. In case you wish to join an already existing class, you will need to get permission or ask the instructor(s) for a class code
  7. Click on the plus (+) sign to join the class from the Classroom home screen and then the Join Class option
  8. Then insert your code, join the class, and start questions, exploring assignments, and discussions.
  9. You can access and use Google Classroom from any web browser and download the app from Apple Store for iPhone, or iPad or Google Play Store for Android.

altClassroom Invite

Google Classroom lets you access and uses it on any device, in any place, at any time, build, and assignments, share questions, and feedback on all of the above. As a free of cost tool, it can help facilitate long-distance learning whether it is because of COVID-19 quarantines, geographically dispersed students, or even extracurricular activities.

What devices does Google Classroom support?

The Google Classroom is supported by Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. The Google Classroom application is also available on Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

Important Reasons Why You Should Use Google Classroom

Here are some of the ten reasons due which you want to use Google Classroom.

  • Google Classroom is easy and simple to use.
  • By embedding forms, feedback is quick and usable.
  • Google Classroom helps you communicate more efficiently.
  • Teacher planning is easy, and the up-front time is worth it.
  • Google Classroom helps you to communicate more effectively.
  • With Google Classroom, collaboration is easier outside of school
  • Google Classroom is more better and cost-effective for the environment.
  • It’s better for students who struggle
  • This is how students will continue to learn in the future
  • Upgrades and improvements are constant.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions by different people and you may interested to read:

What’s the use of Google classroom?

You can use the Google Classroom in your school to streamline assignments, foster communication, and boost collaboration. The classroom is available on the mobile app or web browser. You can use Google Classroom with a lot of tools you already use, such as Google Docs, Gmail, and Google Calendar.

Who can use Google classroom?

Anyone! Google Classroom is contained as a free of cost service for everyone with a personal Google account, and it is also free for organizations using G Suite for Nonprofits or G Suite for Education. In some situations, students and teachers can access and use Google Classroom using a Google Account provided by their school.

What age is Google classroom appropriate for?

The appropriate age for the Google classroom intended for children under 13.

How to Use Google Classroom?

To use the Google Classroom then follow these steps:

  • Open any browser and type to the classroom.google.com in the address bar
  • Then select the Go to Classroom option
  • Type your email address for your Classroom account and select the Next option
  • Enter your Password and select the Next option
  • If there is a welcome message, read it and press the Accept option

Features of google classroom for students and teachers

Features of Google Classroom for teachers and students create and manage assignments, classes, and grades online without paper. Add materials to your assignments, such as a Google Forms survey, YouTube videos, and other items from Google drive. Give direct, real-time feedback. Use the class stream to post announcements and engage students in question-driven discussion.

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