What is Coronavirus or COVID-19

Defination of Coronavius (COVID-19)

Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease caused by newly discovered coronavirus or COVID-19 Virus.

How Coronavirus Spread ?

The COVID-19 virus spread primarily through Saliva Droplet or discharge from the nose when an infected person sneezes or coughs. So its important to cover the nose and mouth with the help of elbow at the time of sneeze or cough.

Most infected person from COVID-19 virus experience mild to moderate respiratory illness Also most people recover without any special treatment. Older People or People with Underlying with some serious medical history like Diabetes, Respiratory Disease , Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.

At this moment there is no specific Vaccines or treatment for Coronavirus or COVID-19 Disease. Doctor and Scientist of whole world is working on this serious issue

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For more detail visit WHO site : www.who.int

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