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Do you know what is about blank and how do you remove or delete it from your web browser’s address bar? If your web browser is continuously being navigating to the “about:blank” page, then it is possible that you have an adware program (unwanted program) installed on your PC. All about the “about:blank” page and why it exists. If you view “about:blank” in your web browser’s address bar, you are viewing any blank or empty page built into your web browser. It is a part of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and other web browsers.

There is nothing to worry regarding the “about:blank”. A lot of people choose the user about:blank as their web home page, make sure their web browser always opens with a blank white screen or an empty white screen. If your web browser all the time opens with about:blank and you do not like it, we will show you how to prevent that from happening.

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What Is about:blank page?

It is blank pages create or built into your web browser. The “about” part or portion of the address tells the browser to display internal, built-in web pages. For instance, in the Chrome browser, you can type about: settings in the address bar to navigate the Settings page or about: downloads to see Chrome’s file download list.

Once you write or type about:blank into the browser address bar and hit the Enter key, your web browser will load a blank or empty page with nothing on it. This page is not from the internet—it is created into your web browser.

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What does it mean when a Web page is blank?

When a Web page is blank, there are a few likely reasons. The reasons fall into 3 categories: 1. A network problem, 2. A server-related problem, and 3 A client browser or computer problem.


The reason is very simple: The web browser needs to show a page, but the original target is blocked security reasons, so about:blank is showed instead. The element “blocked” is added to describe what’s happened.

About:blank virus android

Most of the people think about:blank is PC or computer virus sneaking its way into their computer system, but is not About blank is just a blank web browser page shown when a browser finds itself in a condition where it needs to show a blank page.

Why Is about:blank Useful?

Most of the people use about:blank as their home page. This gives you a blank page or empty page every time you navigate your web browser.

To perform this, you will require to do this from the settings of your web browser’s page and set up to navigate with “about:blank” page instead of another web page.

Web browsers can also open a blank about:blank page if they launch and do not know what else to show. A web browser always has to display something, after all, and loading about: blank is a process of showing a blank page.

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Is It a Virus or Malware? | Is about blank a virus?

The about:blank page is not virus or malware or anything else to dangerous. However, if you are concerned your Laptop or pc might have a virus or malware on it, you can be performing a deep scan with your anti-virus or anti-malware program by downloading from the available online of your choice.

  1. Click to Download Malwarebytes
  2. Go to the location where you downloaded Malwarebytes
  3. Double-click on the Malwarebytes set up file
  4. Click on the Yes option to allow the app to make changes to your pc
  5. After that follow the on-screen prompts instruction to install Malwarebytes
  6. Once the Malwarebytes installation started, you will view the Malwarebytes Setup Wizard which will teach to go through the installation process.
  7. Click on the Agree and Install option to install Malwarebytes on your Computer
  8. The Antivirus database will automatically start and update then Click on Scan Now option to start the scan
  9. Wait until the Malwarebytes scanning process completion to scan your computer
  10. Click on the Quarantine Selected option when the scan completed To remove the malicious programs that Malwarebytes has found
  11. Finally, click on the Yes option to reboot your computer

You can use the Malwarebytes and it is best for your computer or laptop to a scan with it. The free version o Malwarebytes can do manual scans and delete or remove malware or virus. The paid or Premium version just adds automatic background scanning. Malwarebytes program supports both Macs and Windows PCs.

How Can You Get Rid of about:blank In Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, & Internet Explorer?

You cannot actually get rid or delete/remove about:blank. It is part of your web browser, and it will always be there under the hood. However, you never want to see it every time if you do not want to.

If the about:blank display always to you whenever you open your web browser, and you would rather see your web browser’s New Tab page or any other web page. You will need to do all changes from your web browser’s home page or main page settings.

How to Remove about:blank from Chrome Web Browser

In Google Chrome web browser you can remove about:blank page from the startup and set up another page you desired. Here are these steps to follow:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser
  2. Click on the Main Menu or Three-dots option
  3. Select the Settings option from the menu
  4. Now scroll down to On Startup section under the Settings
  5. Select either option Open the New Tab page or Delete about:blank from the web pages that open on startup and select your web page that you like

Open Google Chrome Browser, Click on the More or Main Menu and Select the Settings optionSelect the Open the New Tab page or Open a Specific page or set of pages

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How to Remove about:blank from Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Let’s show you how to remove about:blank page and set your desired home page on the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Here are these steps to follow:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox web browser
  2. Click on the Main Menu option
  3. Select the Options from the menu
  4. Go to Home option from the left panel
  5. Scroll down to select your desired homepage for your New Tabs and New windows
  6. Make sure that “about:blank” or Blank Page is not selected here

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How to Remove about:blank from Apple Safar On a Mac

The users of the Apple Safar on a MacOs can remove the about:blank page in the following given steps:

  1. Click on the Safari on a Mac OS
  2. Select the Preferences option
  3. Then click on the General option
  4. Remove the about:blank under the Homepage
  5. Now enter your desired home page that you want to be displayed

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How to Remove about:blank from Microsoft Edge Browser

If you are using the Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser then you can remove the about:blank page and enter your desired page in the following steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge Browser
  2. Click on the Main Menu or More option from the top left side corner
  3. Select the Settings option from the menu
  4. Scroll down the On startup section under the Settings
  5. Select the Open a new tab or Remove about:blank from the list of pages MS Edges opens when you launch it

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How to Remove about:blank from Internet Explorer Browser

Using the Internet Explorer browser on your computer and want to change the about:blank page and set up another page you desired from the Internet Options window. (You will not be using the Internet Explorer browser anymore, of course. Even Microsoft suggested you leave IE behind. But it may still be needed for some old business apps and other legacy software.)

  1. Open the Internet Explorer Browser
  2. Click on the Gear icon at the top right corner of the web browse
  3. Select the Internet Options from the menu
  4. Go the Home page box the Remove about:blank in the General pane under the Internet options
  5. Finally, enter the address of your desired home page

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