What Does SMH Means? And How Do You Use It?

ByUmar Ali – February 29, 2020SMH mean and how to use

Do you know what SMH means? And how should you use it?The acronym SMH has been around for a while, and you will often encounter it onsocial media websites or in the chat rooms. If you have received a text messageor online that made you surprise what does SMH mean? Or what the acronym means?Who came up with it, and how do you use it?

SMH stands for: Shaking My Head or Shake My Head

SHM is a famous internet acronym and stands for Shake my head or shaking my head. It is actually used to show disbelief or disappointment in the physical body language that is receiving as extremely obliviousness or glaringly obvious stupidity.

How SMH Is Used

  1. The SMH is using, in any circumstances where you might actually shake your head in real life. It might be in reply to someone else’s behavior, an event that happened, or the state of a situation. If you overheard somebody say, “I do not use laundry soap water” at the food store, you will perhaps blink a few times and move around your head in shock and disgust. Once the same situations happen online, the only response you can use SMH used to communicate that “Received completely bodily response to your totally stupidity” the only response to type more than three letters.
  2. The SMH is not always using by itself. People trend the SMH within the feedback, comments or opinion, like you are the son of SMH or SMH you are bonkers or people do not know how to use SMH a Speed Stick.
  3. Altogether, SMH is a pretty straightforward acronym. But where did it come from, who come with that, and how should you use it rightly?
  4. This is to be notifying you that most of the people are thinking that SMH means “so much hate. This meaning of SMH is like Bizzaro. We do not say that so much hate is wrong, but this is not what most people associate with SMH, so you should refrain from using it for this purpose.

Used SMH with Example

Let’s share some of the examples with people for guidance:

Example 1:

Here is an example, let’s say that your younger girl responds with nothing. But use only three words SMH in a text message after you messaged her to say that there’s quite no chance you can grant her the car on Sunday for a meet up with her friends of the anime fan club. She’s clearly disappointed:


You:” I need this Sunday car you have to find another way to go to your weekly Nakuro Dragon flame X meeting”

You’re Daughter: “SMH”

Example: 2

Here is another example, let’s say that a user of Facebook posts anything about how their favorite sports team just lost a game. They could add a hashtag to the post to further express their disappointment.

“The Black Tiger completely should have won that game! They had it when Pizza burghenshire made that shot!! Smh.”

Finding SMH Real Life Examples

If you are looking for more real-life examples of this initialism using in the wild, term searching or some of the best hashtags on social media networks. Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter are good platforms to begin since many people with blogs/public profiles use the tag or term (#smh) in their posts.

Origin or Etymology of SMH word

  1. In the year of 2004, the SMH word firstly added to the Urban Dictionary with a meaning that’s known to the acronym’s current meaning. No one knows that the word where came from. Still, it was understood around the same time as the phrase “Facepalm” a similar internet expression. That was first uploaded earlier this month in the Urban Dictionary as SMH.
  2. Like Facepalm SMH gradually began to move into the common language. Then on the memes and reaction GIFs, the home found and in the early 2010s due to social media platforms like Tumblr and Facebook became very famous.
  3. As per the Google Trends, this peak has happened in the month of June of 2011, and SMH getting less and less popular each year. But hi, it is way more famous than facepalm which is why we should more be happy.
  4. The lake of SMH’s is probably because of GIF tools like Gfycat and GIPHY, now integrated into messengers, social media platforms, and your mobile’s texting client. By itself, the phrase “SMH” can only be described as much. But a GIF can convey complex feelings of hate and frustration that are beyond the scope of language.

How to Use SMH Right Way

  1. The phrase SMH should use any time you shake your head physically. There are not many rules of the phrase, just know that it is used to profane disbelief, shock, or frustration to express. You can even use it for jocks, just as you can shake your head to laugh in real life.
  2. There are not so many grammatical principles to SMH either. Most people throw it at the start of a phrase (“smh ya will not tell apart a horse from a dog”). But you can throw it at even in the end or middle of the sentence. You can even use the word yourself just as you can quietly shake your head in real life.
  3. Oh yes, and you can use dynamic or animated GIFs to communicate SMH without actually say something. You can use a tool like Gyfcat or GIPHY to find a dynamic or animation. That you like and drop it into a messenger, Twitter, or Your texting client

Why Use SMH

Initialism like SMH and other acronyms phrase is part of a big trend in private messaging or online communities. That saves the time of the people while also adding an extra expression response which may be harder to express with words alone. As the world adapts to Smartphone instant messaging and web browsing. You can expect trends like bae, smh, wth, tbh, and all the other crazy short-form words. Just and show up you more in everyday online use, maybe the new one that will pop up in the future as well.

If the internets perhaps, causes, shake your head in a fit of confusion, that maybe it is time to begin learning about some common internet jokes, jargon, and trends. Why do not want to know about phrases like TL, DR or hot takes?

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