What Does “HMU” Mean, and How Do You Use HMU?

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Do you know mean and using of HMU acronym? HMU is famouse internet acronym or abbreviation. You will view use it in the only in informal texts, messaging, in many online situations. Let’s show you the means and how you use it.

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What It Means of HMU

HMU is the acronym or abbreviation for “hit me up.” It is a quick and easy way to tell anyone to “contact you,” “contact me,” ” text me,” “phone” or some other version of” reach me to follow up on this” or make plans in the coming days or in the future. For instance, you can tell a friend, “HMU when you wish to play Mario Kart,” or ” HMU when you get back in town.” In most cases, HMU is used in informal business circles or social circles.

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Modern Shorthand Way

It is one of the modern shorthand ways to invite someone to communicate with you further, but not right now. HMU is internet slang the might be used during online texting, chatting, informal emails, and instant messaging. You will not or should not encounter it in any professional or business communications, though.

Similar to Other Internet Expressions

The HMU expression is similar to other online expressions, is a portion of internet conversion culture. Similar to any human group behavior, language and speech expressions are used to build cultural identity through using conversational expressions and customized language.

Note: This abbreviation or acronym has also been used in jest to mean Hold My Unicorn, but it is not the most common usage for HMU.

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History of HMU

HMU once mean “David hits me up for a small loan every Friday night” as in, “That person asked me for something.” The phrase “hit me up” is compulsory from the 90’s hip-hop culture. During that decade, most of the people used (Not only the drug dealers) one-way pagers to the conversation with each other. However, some time is 2009, the expression morphed to mean “communicate with me further.” “Communicate” perhaps is not the right word, though, as these devices could not receive text-based messages. In place, they receive numbers like phone numbers. Someone would call (“beep”) your pager from his phone. Your pager would light up, make an audible “beep.” and the phone number that paged you would visible on the screen so you could call the person back.

The “Hit up” phrase come out of the very particular rules of paging. In the hundreds of famous songs, rappers used the phrase, and it started to have a different meaning. Now, the phrase is very nearly associated with cellphones, which is, arguably, the modern version of pagers.

The history of our little acronym, HMU, is not nearly as interesting as all that. See, it kind of came out of nowhere. HMU first visible in 2009 on Urban Dictionary and completely appeared in popularity by the end of 2010.

For the first time in 2010, the Hold My Unicorn version of HMU might have been seen in the Urban Dictionary.

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Facebook Memology Report

According to the Memology report of Facebook’s 2010, HMU abbreviation becomes the biggest trend of the year from being a rarity. For reference, the acronym was not even mentioned in the Memology report of 2009.

Google Searches Trends

According to the Google Trends, in 2010 the searches peaked for HMU and levelled out after about a year. This does not require to mean the phrase is less famous than it used to be, though. If anything, HMU’s definition is perhaps being looked up less due to it is now so commonly used, many people know what it means.

Spelling in Uppercase or Lowercase

You can also spell the HMU in all lowercase letters as hmu. Both lowercase and uppercase versions mean the same thing, and you can use either given the online or internet’s relative informality.

To keep away typing complete sentences in uppercase, however, because that is considered rude and is described as shouting online.

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How Do I Use HMU?

Once again, HMU is the abbreviation or acronym for “hit me up.” It is simple to use and will easily be understood by many people. So, easy to use HMU whenever you mean to say “hit me up.”

You could say, “HMU when you wish to hang out” or “HMU when you get home.” Again, it is a straightforward acronym or abbreviation, so you do not have to afraid of any weird grammar or anything.

In case you wish to describe a situation in which an acquaintance or friend messaged you out of the blue, you could say, They HMU asking for a ride” or ” He/She HMU just last month.”

As with other informal abbreviations on the internet, people do not always capitalize on HMU. You might view it in lowercase (hmu), as well.

Examples to Use HMU in a Sentence

Here are the following few examples of HMU in everyday conversations:

HMU Example No. 1

Christian: John! HMU later for those tickets. I have them in my car.
John: Cool. How about I meet you at your place after 5? I’ll bring cash.
Christian: kk sounds good.

HMU Example No. 2

You might also view HMU used to mean Hold My Unicorn, like in this example:

Ben: Hey man, why’d you text me so late last night?
Ann: I wanted you to hmu while I made food.

HMU Example No. 3

Jack: I have two e-coupons for 20% off at Jinx.com. Does anyone want one?
Herry: I’ll take one! I could use a new shirt.
Jack: OK, hmu with your email address so I can send it to you.

HMU Example No. 4

Shawn: Hey, I could use some good advice on winter tires. I’m thinking of getting some for my daughter’s car.
Kelly: I read a good article on that. Sec … maybe I can find it in my bookmarks.
Shawn: Great, HMU with a link when you can!

HMU Example No. 5

Jay: Dude, I need to borrow your ID.
Daniel: My ID? What are you doing?
Jay: Intramural hockey. I need to show a school ID before they let me on the ice.
Daniel: Gotcha. K, HMU at lunch. I’ll be at Subway in the CAB building at 11:30.

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