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Google Play System updates Android

Do you know the Google Play System Updates on Android smartphones, and are they important? Android phone not only does to get a big yearly firmware update, but there are little monthly updates, as well. Google Play Security Updates are one among them, but they are various from the monthly security patches lets scroll down to see what they do.

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What Is a Google Play System Update?

Google Play System Update is mandatory for Android devices or the latest devices and addresses modules freely. Its updates mainly address security issues, helped was the Stagefright security bug. You do not have to worry about some of the other important security issues. let’s scroll it down to show in detail.

Mandatory for Android 10 or Newer Devices

In Android 10 the Google Play System Updates were introducing and originally known as Project Mainline. It is compulsory for entire Android 10 or newer smartphone devices to include Google Play System Updates. While tablet and phone manufacturer are accountable for delivering security patches, Google sends the Google Play System Updates

Google Address Modules

Google with Android 10 took 12 core components and spun them out as “modules.” Google can now address these modules independently, without sending a complete firmware update or involving the phone manufacturer.

Address Security Issues

Basically Google Play System Update address and solve security issues, but they are not similar to the monthly security patches. Both are accountable for multiple things. Entire Android 10 and higher devices can receive a Google Play Security Update, regardless of whether have the latest security patches.

Stagefrigth Security Bug

The best example of this, which can help the Google Play System Updates is the StageFright security bug in 2015. Stagefright was an attack on a multimedia player component in Android smartphones. The media framework is one of the twelve components that can be updated via Google Play System Updates. Several phone devices were never patched to prevent Stagefright due to it needed a firmware update.

Firmware Updates or Phone Manufacturer

That is a very important thing about Google Play System Updates: They do not need phone manufacturers or firmware. This does not mean Google can fully bypass your phone’s manufacturer and bring you the updated or latest features and functions right away. However, it does mean you will not have to afraid about some more dangerous or critical security issues.

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Check Which of the Google Play System Version You Have

If you want to check your Google Play Security new update or update version. Here are these steps to check which of the Google Play System version you have:

  1. Go to the top screen and swipe down once or twice, (depending on your phone device’s manufacturer)
  2. Select the Gear icon to go Settings menu
  3. Alternatively, you tap on the Settings Gear icon from the device home screen or apps
  4. Select the Security option under settings
  5. You will view a Security Status at the top of the screen. If the icon color green then the Google Play System is up to date. You will also view the most recent update date. You will need to restart to install the update if it’s icon red.
  6. Tap on the Google Play System Update option to manually
  7. Select the Check for Update option
  8. Note that Google Play System Update and Security Update will not necessarily have the same date.

Go to Phone Settings Menu and Select Security & Lock Screen optionTap on Google Play System UpdateSelect Check for Update

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