Web traffic Source Percentage view Google Analytics

Traffic percentage view Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics on your web site and web page to see traffic source. Then calculate the traffic source out of 100 percent. To easily track and the percentage view of each source. Most default percentage view is to check the monthly traffic source. However, a user on Google Analytics can change the duration. This duration is custom from one day, week, monthly, yearly or any other custom range.

Usually, the user views different type of reports but due to limit use, the user can’t get into a percentage value. The graphical representation is available within the Google Analytics report. There are mainly reports on the left side panel which are Realtime, Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversions. To see the traffic source in percentage view, the Acquisition report can easily generate such type of report.

What is Acquisition Report in Google Analytics?

Acquisition main record the number of users in-depth details. These details further segregating users and defining the source of traffic. Each user landing on your site is usually due to the following number of reasons:

  1. Know your site and directly visit via domain from any browser
  2. User land on the page with any source but the similar user is repeatedly visiting the site. They are known as returning visitors.
  3. Organic traffic using Google search engine or any other search engine.
  4. Social Traffic and specific social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora etc.
  5. Referral visitors from another web page that your site linked to.

Channel Grouping

There are following Channel Groups the Acquisition data showing values of these grouping.

  • Organic: All traffic source of Search Engines
  • Social: Traffic sourced from all Social Networks
  • Referral: Visitor from referral sites and referral sources
  • Direct: User visit site directly via domain or page link directly from the browser

These are all the primary dimensions showing under the channel. Each grouping dimensions are further segregating into sub-groups. Such as Organic group further showing different search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo and Duckduckgo. After that, you can change the primary dimension to keywords, landing page, source and others.

The channel showing segments to see all the visitors, change segment and add new segments. These segments data demonstrating in the explorer panel. The data showing in tables with Primary dimensions to change the type of data demonstrating on the explorer graphs. However, the data view showing different modes to view. These modes include table, percentage and graphs, performance, comparison, term cloud, and pivot tables.

Google Analytics Acquisition Channels explorerData Mode Google Analytics

The understanding and finding of these reports are not possible unless to practice against own domain with the number of visitors per day. While keep tracking daily, weekly and monthly and explore data from different dimensions, source, medium and keywords.

How to view Grouping traffic percentage

To view all traffic data for a specific duration in percentage view, go to Aquisition then sub menu All Traffic and select Channels. By default, the segment select to show all users. The explorer showing graphs representing duration and value graph. From the data panel click on the percentage icon to view primary dimensions values and percentage. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open Google Analytics on the web browser
  2. Go to Report menu click on Acquisition
  3. Now click on All Traffic and select Channels
  4. Select the date range and click on the percentage icon
  5. Data values showing along with the percentage

Acquisition All Traffic Channels GATraffic percentage view Google Analytics

How to manually calculate visitors percentage

To calculate all visitors percentage, it is depending on which group you taking against all the visitors. Suppose you have 87 visitors per week and 34 from Social Network while 53 from Organic. Follow the manual calculation to get the percentage of each visitor group.

  • Total Visitors = 87
  • Social visitors = 34
  • Organic traffic = 53
  • Social percentage formula 34*100/87 = 39.08% (Social x 100 / total visitors)
  • Organic percentage formula 53*100/87 = 60.91& (Organic x 100 / total visitors)

It is how you can get the percentage manually using percentage formula.

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