Web Design Portfolio – 5 Essential Projects To Include

If you are looking for a job or a web design gig, you know that your web design portfolio is the best tool you’ve got to prove how good you are. In your portfolio, you can choose which samples you will provide and make the most of them. You can experiment and test your ideas until they’re perfect example of what you can do. But which kind of projects you should add to your web design portfolio, you might be wondering?

How to choose the best projects to your web design portfolio

For starters, you need to take two things into consideration:

  • Your skills
  • Your potential clients/employees

Regarding your skills, you need to know what you are good at before anything else. At this stage of your career, even if you are just looking for your first job, you already know in which kind of projects you excel.

Some people are better in branding, others in apps, for instance. So try and find out which are your strongest points, so you won’t be wasting your time trying to create things that you know won’t make you stand out from the crowd.

On the other hand, you will want to be aware of what your potential clients (if you are searching for a gig) or employers (if you are considering a job) are looking for at the moment. You will need to be well-informed about the demands and trends of your industry so you can present what they are expecting from you in general.

But, also, nothing is stopping from choosing a specific niche and creating a web design portfolio for just one segment. You can be the best web designer when it comes to blogs or online magazines, for example.

So make sure that you got these ideas organised in your mind before deciding what you are going to do about your web design portfolio.

The Essential Projects

After reflecting, you might decide that you are going for something more general, either because you are a newbie in the industry or because you want a web design portfolio that proves how versatile you are.

In this case, these are the essential projects that should be part of any successful web design portfolio. They are the first step to help you to land the job of your dreams, as they combined can show a skill set that will impress any client or employee.

# 1 – Your own web design portfolio

First of all, you will need to spend a decent amount of time trying to create your own web design portfolio. Getting this first step right is essential for you, as nobody will even bother to look at your projects if your website isn’t engaging. Plus, it would be weird to think of contracting a web designer whose own website isn’t their best creation.

web design portfolio

# 2 – A complete online branding package

Online branding is a serious job nowadays. With so much noise around the internet, companies need to make an extra effort so to ensure that they will be remembered and recognised by their target audience.

Logos and Letterheads have changed, but they are as strong and essential as in the past. An online branding package might also include cover and profile photos for social media, blog headers, icons for apps, etc.

So pick an imaginary company and create all items that you can image as if you had been asked to create a complete online branding package. It will show that you are can do more than basic websites.

web design portfolio

# 3 – A stock theme for a blog or website

Something that you certainly should add to your web design portfolio is a stock theme to a blog or website. It will give to your client or employee an idea of what you could create for them in the future.

The ability to design a website or blog is considered essential in your industry. So make sure that you give special attention to this project.

Do some research and search for trends and new solutions for well-known challenges, such as content-heavy websites, gaming platforms, or over-50 websites.

This way you will be able to prove your skill set and creativity.

web design portfolio

# 4 – A mobile app design

Another project that you should consider adding to your web design portfolio is a mobile app design. As so many companies are creating mobile apps nowadays, this project will show that you understand your industry and that you are updating with the newest technologies available.

And don’t worry about creating a brand new and revolutionary app. Your job is to create the design, something that delivers a great user experience. So the tool itself can be something as basic as a to-do or a time-tracker. Just make sure that you make it cool, engaging, and easy to use.

web design portfolio

# 5 – A 365 project

365 projects are another favourite of designers in general. They are a perfect opportunity to demonstrate how you can improve your skills over time and engage in a both fun and professional activity. Meaning that they will become a way to show off a bit of your personality as well. You can choose any kind of 365 project you want here.

To Sum Up

Creating a web design portfolio can be a daunting task to any web designer, especially if it is the first one. But it will give you the opportunity to prove that you are the best professional for the job, so you want to get it right.

Of course, if you got something relevant, you should always add previous jobs to your web design portfolio, for sure. They would be even more interesting if they were assigned by some well-known clients.

On the other hand, you also know that, on that very same projects, you might not have had the chance to show your best due to budget or preferences from your clients.

So your very own projects are, indeed, the best way to demonstrate your skill set. And they should be displayed in an even greater web design portfolio.