Ways to get a 3D effect of a product image


You are visualizing our new article on the Ghost Mannequin Services. You might know mannequin is employed to create 3D effects of various apparel products like the cardigan, T-shirt, jeans, Polo shirt, sweater, jacket and swimming costume. Many e-commerce sellers even use this for visualizing their e-commerce correctly instead of the human model. But if you want to sell the products online, you should remove the mannequin from the background or else you will show a ghostly and hollow look before your customer. So you need such a service which can remove the dummy from experience. This service is also called an invisible mannequin effect or neck joint service. You can even bring the same effect by employing the service after the shooting. But without a perfect editor, you can not get the right quality image which you desire to get.

How to Geta 3d Effect of a Product without Mannequins

If you need a 3Deffect product image, then you need dummies. We already discussed if the imagehas a mannequin in the background, then it wouldn’t be so useful. So how can weresolve the issue? The answer is the straightforward first shot of themannequins wearing the product, especially apparel products and take photosfrom various angles.

Also, pick a clearpicture of the Inner parts, neck and sleeves separately once all is done thensend it to us, and we will do the rest of the things for you.

We will remove themannequins from the background and replace the other part with the tools tomake a complete image. If you don’t have the separate parts like inner parts orneck, still we can manage from the stock image we have. We also do some extrawork for better output, especially removing wrinkles, spots and dust from theimage also colorcorrection. If we find the final output is not suitable, then we enhancethe color balance and bring the natural look of the picture.

Even if we need to make any cropping or to resize, to shadow and optimizing the image, we will do the rest of the things for you.

Get a 360-3DImage for Better Output

If you want to geta 360-degree image for your product, then you can blindly pick us. We areextremely good at making this type of image for you. We can ensure the imageremoves mannequins from the background and adding some enhancement to make theimage motion 3D. We have experienced in-house team to create a 3D model forbetter image output. Though these are new terms for image editing, a 360-degreeimage can assist more customers to get real details about the products.Furthermore, a customer gets more comfortable to watch the picture instead ofreading the product description.

Why AreWe the Best?

If you intend toremove the mannequin from the dress, it makes an empty area at the neck. It ischallenging for an editor to join the image correctly for an inexperiencedperson. If the joint is not right, then you can not get a perfect vision. Whensomeone zooms the photos, he can easily watch the gap between the main partsand neck. But we have an experienced team who have been conducting this servicefor almost three years. They know the best way to join the image correctly. Weknow how to bring an exceptional look for a product like jeans, trousers,jacket and others.

Sometimes we findan image where the backside is much longer than the front sides. We separateboth parts and join the bottom pieces correctly so that the customer can seethe actual product image before purchasing the image from the online outlet.

A typical editorremoves the mannequin from the background, which can fade the actual model and canaffect the color balance. But using appropriate tools a perfect agency like ClippingWay can assist you in getting an ideal image without the extra time andreasonable price.

SleevesJoint on Ghost Mannequin

This service is required when the sleeves from the mannequin need to remove for avoiding hollow parts. Some products like the jacket, T-shirts and long sleeve shirts need this service to join with the main body for excellent image. We professionally joined both sleeves with a ghost mannequin.

How Doesthe Ghost Mannequin Effect Help E-commerce?

We all know howimportant a perfectly detailed image is essential for e-commerce. The only wayto get more sales in an online store is product images as you can explain thedetails on the product so a single image can assist you in this regard. If thephotos have the proper information, then it can easily convince any customer.The excellent picture you can upload, the more selling you can expect fromthem. It is prevalent on online business is, the more impressive you can make afirst look at the more possibility created to sell the products to thecustomer. But it is only possible if you have a perfect 3D image which isregarded as Mannequin effect service.

Finally, to get back your lost revenue andmake your store more compatible than others, you can easily pick this service,and once you choose the best agency, you will get the appropriate result.