Tulsidas Jayanti 2020 : Famous Dohe of Goswami Tulsidas with meaning

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Meaning : Sweet words spread happiness all over. They are a mantra to control anyone, so human beings should try to speak sweet except hard words.

Meaning : On seeing the beautiful dress, not only fools but smart people also get cheated. Look at the beautiful peacock, its word is like nectar but the food is of snake.

Meaning : Those who abandon those who have come to the shelter after estimating their harm are petty and sinful. Actually, their philosophy is also not right.

Meaning : The knights do the work of valor in war, do not kill themselves by saying. Cowards boast of their majesty only by getting the enemy present in battle.

Meaning : Ministers, Vaidyas and Gurus – if these three speak dearly with fear or hope of profit (without saying anything of interest) then (respectively) the state, body and religion – these three are soon destroyed.

Meaning : Rama’s name is Kalpataru (giver of the desired substance) and the abode of Kalyan (house of liberation), on remembering it, Bhang Sa (inferior) Tulsidas also became as holy as Tulsi.

Best Tulsidas Dohe with English Meaning

Meaning : one should never leave mercy because mercy is the root of religion and on the contrary. ego is the root of all sins.

Meaning : Man, if you want to be illuminated both inside and outside, then place the Ram-naam-like Manideep on the living door of the mouth of the mouth.

The head should be like a mouth, which is alone in eating and drinking, but prudently maintains all the organs.

Meaning : We should never go to a place where people are not happy, where people do not have love or affection for you, even if there is a rain of money.

Best 5 Goswami Tulsidas Quotes from Ramayan

“Nothing is unattainable, my Lord, to him who enjoys Your grace. Through Your might, a mere shred of cotton can surely burn a submarine fire (the impossible can be made possible).”

“Lust, anger, vanity and covetousness are all paths leading to hell. Abjuring, all these adore the Hero of Raghu’s line, whom saints worship.”

“There can be no happiness for a being nor can its mind know any peace even in a dream so long as it does not relinquish desire, which is an abode of sorrow.”

“When a minister, a physician and a religious preceptor; these three use pleasing words from fear or hope of reward, the result is that dominion, health, and faith, all the three immediately set towards destruction.”

“Abandon pride, which is the same as Tamas-guna (darkness), rooted as it is in ignorance and is a source of considerable pain; and adore Lord Shri Rama, the Chief of the Raghus and an ocean of compassion.”

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