Traffic Blues? How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog With 10 Crucial Tips –

Blogging culture is here to stay. There has been a widespread increase in the self confessed “obsessive and compulsive” bloggers significantly in the recent decade. More so, now even the big corporate organizations have realized the important features of a blog and the resourceful medium that it is, when it comes to creating ample amount of awareness within the internet users. No matter how big or small the organization may be, blogging as a platform provides everyone – be it individuals or organizations, with easy and effective means to express themselves and gain a strong competitive edge in the industry.


Although the blogs offer really effective means to traverse through the section of online readers, the online blogger may have to deal with the cumbersome task of maintaining a high traffic to their blogs. The current online world has changes a lot and has turned into a really competitive virtual arena, where everyone is trying to get ahead of another. Many of the corporate organizations have even resumed to professional search engine optimization services, in order to increase the organic traffic to their blogs, make them rank higher in the search engine results and thus gain from the same.


However, without requiring you to invest great bucks in the professional services, let us discuss ten most crucial and fundamental techniques, which you can use as bloggers to escalate the traffic to your blog.

1. The most basic requirement – Recent and Topical Posts

Blogging is all about writing your heart out and that too in a way that would invite more and more readers to pause for a moment and take notice. But in order to attract more and more users, you must not only just write good quality posts – linguistically speaking, but also the posts on your blogs has to be relevant and topical. It is important for you, as a blogger, to be aware about current affairs and socially relevant issues. And if you are able to strike a connection between what is going on, currently, in the society and about your blog post, you can surely expect a surge of unique visitors to your blog.

An extension to the same rule would be to submit the address of your blog in your various posts. If you are choosing to post on various blogs, leave an address of your own, which will provide you with useful back links and these back links are favored by search engines, and are instrumental in raising your search engine status. Remember the rule of thumb – post only on those blogs which are well linked within your niche. This will give you credibility and reverence as a blogger.

2. Poke their inner competitive spirit – by organizing contests

It is always a surreal and amazingly joyful experience to win anything online. One of the easiest and scientifically approved ways of escalating the traffic to your blog and making it really popular amongst the users is to organize contests. The contest may call for a need to read your blog more carefully and may aim to reward the best amongst the rest readers. Besides, also take notice that the reward has to be really worth it. Unless the reward is nice, people would hardly participate. Thus along with the contest, also highlight the reward. One of the easiest ways of creating awareness amongst the internet users related to the contests you are planning is through social networking sites. The news on such networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc, spreads like the forest fire and provides you with the audience you have been looking for.

3. Increase the frequency of your blog posts, while maintaining the quality!

Like they say – the more, the merrier! If you wish to drive in more traffic to your blogs, you got to increase the frequency of your blog posts and at the same time maintain the quality of the same. Thus you have to spend up extra effort, maintaining the quantity and quality of your blog posts. While the quantity is important for the purpose of search engine rankings, as they prefer updated and actively maintained blogs, it also gives the internet users a variety of choice to read from. However, never sacrifice the quality of the content just to increase the quantity of your blog posts. One low quality content and you can expect to be blacklisted, the rest of your life. Online audience is quite “over the board” critical. One grammatical or linguistic mistake from your end and you can well expect to become the butt of their jokes. Thus proof read your content well before posting it and be careful with what you write and how your write it.

4. Submit your blog to the major Search Engines

Search engines are what basically drive the traffic to your blog. They are widely used by different strata of users to solicit answers to their various needs. Submitting your blogs in the search engines give you the chance to increase the traffic to your blogs manifolds. The most popular search engines today are – Google, Yahoo, Bing! And etc. They guarantee to reveal your blog to a lot of users and proves to be really effective and advantageous for you.

5. When it comes to display – keep it simple and elegant

It is important for you to not to intimidate your visitors with a lot of designs, and graphics and pictures. Your blog must not a lot of ads and images and etc, which may only end up freaking the online users out. Most of the users are looking for clean, fresh and simple reading experience. If there are any relevant images or the content of the post require you to experiment a little with the creative side, do that, but not with all of the posts. The general rule of thumb is to keep it simple and elegant.

6. Interact with the related forums within your niche

In order to gain a mileage within the industry, it is important to make your presence in various related forums and gain from the niche marketing. Besides, in your signatures, you can leave and address to your blog, which is bound to welcome more visitors in to your blog.

7. Smartly target the more fruitful keywords

If you are targeting the keywords in your blog, make up a point to target the long tail keywords in your blog. Generally there is less competition in those keywords as everyone is trying to cash upon short keywords and thus those keywords helps you increase the rankings easily.

8. Email Broadcasting

One of the gainful techniques and quite effective one as well, is to send an email notification to the members in your list, informing them about the new blog post on your blog. Further, solicit their comments and feedback, to foster more participation.

9. Know your readers better with surveys and polls

We all love to participate in surveys – or anything where our opinions are actively solicited. Well surveys are a great method to welcome reader’s feedback and give you an opportunity to get to know your readers better – their interests and expectations.

10. Guest post, Dear blogger!

Guest posting on various designs and other blogs are a great way to increase your reach to the readers, attract readers from other blogs to your own blogs and it supplies you with the much sought after backlinks to your blog.