Top Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques to Boost your Website Sales –

The development of an e-commerce website is mainly dependent on acquiring customers along with most significantly, retaining those customers. E-commerce has grown into a trillion dollar business, and it continues to grow exponentially each year. Therefore, it’s vital for e-commerce business owners to focus proactively on their niche and enlarge it. However, merely spending lots of money on advertising to retain your customers isn’t sufficient. If you desire additional conversions, you’ll have to find and use some type of client conversion tricks to produce more revenue in the future.

Sales Rule: You’ll end up with 80 percent of the profits from 20 percent of your current clients. Therefore, even though acquiring additional clients delivers gains in the short-term; you must depend on retaining those clients over the long haul.

You can manage that by using these three CRO tricks for increasing the conversion rate for your e-commerce site:

1. Improve your website’s navigation

The goal of having footer, side and top site navigation is so the content your customers search for the most is easy to find. If you understand what’s vital to your targeted audience, as well as know how to be smart about designing the site’s navigation menu, you can get rid of any resistance you may be having with the site’s conversion funnel. Doing this will assist your customers in buying things quicker.

The following are several vital rules for deciding the website categories you don’t need in your navigation menu:

  • Take yourself out of it: Do not make a navigation category merely to generate more categories. Just put in the links valuable to clients. Utilize Google Analytics to figure out which of your landing pages is clicked on the most, then put in a link for those in your website’s navigation page.
  • Sort the site categories by their popularity: Category links placed in a footer navigation section ought to be listed with the most popular first. So, that means listing the links your customers chose the most right on top, and the ones they choose the least often further down the list.
  • Utilize the needed tools to dodge assumptions: Contemplate using tools which provide heat mapping. It’s an extremely good method of understanding how shoppers use a website.

2. Take Advantage of Videos

Videos make use of characteristics other types of content can’t. For instance, videos grab users’ attention because they jump out at them from all the text. In today’s digital domain, many people have a short span of attention, so videos reach them faster. Videos likewise allow website owners to actually show their customers how to do something, which makes things simpler for them. That’s where animations play a factor. They assist in explaining a video, as well as bring some fun to the content, and make it simpler for your clients to consume content and merely putting some sort of chart into your posts doesn’t always do that well.

Always remember you are using videos to get more conversions. It’s not an opportunity to brag. Ensure your site’s Call-to-Action (CTA) can be seen separate from the video lightbox. Sticky elements can be employed on a webpage to allow users to scroll at the same time as they are viewing the video as your CTA can still be seen to the side. Businesses such as U.S. Rigging Supply, a safety equipment, hardware, & rigging company, was able to significantly increase their revenue incorporating videos on their website.

3. Be sure to stay mobile friendly

Today’s clients buy things while out and about, therefore it’s vital to have a mobile friendly website. Businesses must create e-commerce websites so they provide a top-notch experience for all kinds of Internet devices. You have to keep mobile devices on your mind when designing your templates.

Don’t forget these points:

Firstly – Your website should be optimized so it loads quicker. Try focusing on the utmost pertinent info that pre-loads with nice-looking visuals.

Mobile websites look quite different from regular websites. Don’t forget to get rid of any clutter on them and ensure any important data appears in front.

Auto sliders turn-off the majority of mobile clients, therefore, if you decide to use these, ensure they are loading fast and are simple to navigate.

Incorporate business numbers to upsurge your conversation rate as you implement this method.

4. Retargeting

You tried your best to use everything to entice new people to your site so you could turn them into paying clients, but it didn’t work. What can you do better?

It’s called retargeting – Concentrate on new people coming to the site who remained there for a few minutes, but still went away and didn’t purchase anything. Utilize that chance to turn these visitors into paying clients.

Traffic can be driven back to a website via a special offer or a specially designed message. These things provide an edge over the competition, as well as work to make conversions out of visitors and get them to purchase your products and services.

How does this work?

Separate the website’s audience dependent on how they behave and the choices they have for browsing and buying things on your site. Start designing messages that are personalized based on what your visitors saw earlier, then sync it up with those choices. Set a trigger onto your live chat box or elsewhere on your site, then if a visitor returns they’ll get a message personalized to them.

Ensure you are using varied channels such as social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram or the Google Display Network to get the most impact.


Each factor listed above is vital when you are talking about retaining clients, along with creating brand-new leads. They’ll give you a really needed lift to the traffic your e-commerce site generates, as well as help convince these people to purchase things.

The great thing about all this is your site doesn’t have to be totally recreated! If you make these vital changes to the main site pages, then that’s enough.

You won’t need to learn code or hire some sort of web develop expert or even hire a CRO company to help you. These easy CRO tricks will go far to ensure you have higher rates of conversion as well as more growth for your e-commerce business.