Top Best 25 Chrome Extensions Everyone Should Install Right Now

ByUmar Ali – September 10, 2020Best Chrome Extensions

Do you know the best 25 Chrome Extensions that everyone should install? Let’s show the 25 best Chrome Extensions to Install right now. Chrome extensions serve several purposes, from making a specific process more efficient to keep your money from waisting; the possibilities are pretty much endless. And while you might already have some of the extensions you like, there are a few that we think are important–regardless of how you use Chrome.

While all of the extensions listed here are well-known and reputable (and free!), not every Chrome extension is. Make sure to re-check any Chrome extension you are thinking of add and installing to ensure it is not a fake version of the real one, or that the company who published the extension was not recently sold to another company. This could lead to a company you do not approve of being able to see or access your data where you otherwise would not let them.

However, you may find comfort in the fact the Google does a great job of eliminating malicious extensions, and there are strict restrictions in place that developers must follow when they want them to published to you.

It is useless that download and Installing a lot of Chrome extensions will only slow down the browser (and possibly even your PC) so only download and install the ones you really required.

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Save Articles for Later: Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket

If you want to save articles later them Save to Pocket makes it simple and easy to save best and amazing articles–or any other content you find–to a centralized location where you can easily visit later on or revisit them whenever you wish. Pocket shows saved articles in distraction-free storage and allows you to organize and sort them using tags or share them with other friends. Pocket also displays your relevant stories whenever you save one and has a dedicated page where you can discover other stories when you are running low.


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Block Unwanted Ads: AdGuard AdBlocker


We have all visited one of those websites. Packed to the brim with banner ads, hyperlinks, display ads, videos, and other blinding pop-up ads that made you want you had some process of preventing them all. Well, we have good news–AdGuard AdBlocker is here to do just that. Most of the websites do not have too many ads, however, so we recommend installing and adding an ad blocker extension but keeping it off until it is absolutely necessary. Innocent until proven guilty, right?


Coupons at Checkout

Cently (Coupons at Checkout)

As the name suggests Checkout detect Coupons when you are about to buy something online, then scours the web for any coupons you may be able to use. Even you come up to empty it will save you the hassle of wading through ad-cluttered coupons, countless spammy websites–and that is almost as good as to keep a few bucks.


Manage Your Passwords: 1Password


The best password manager is one of the good tools to have if you spend most of your time online, and we suggest 1Password. Have the fellow browser extension for your password manager makes it incredibly easy to manage your account share or add login info, and adjust account settings without logging in to the full site. Of course, the extension is free of cost, but you will need to have set up a paid account first.


Earth View from Google Maps

Earth View from Google Maps

Earth view is a new tab screen that is not packed with functions, but it may take you breath away with professional or organized satellite photos or images from around the world. Every time you open a new tab, you will be moved or take to a random location on our globe or earth. The globe at the bottom-right of the screen will take you to the corresponding area in Google Earth, just in case you wish to forget about what you were actually planning to do for a while.


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For Functionality: Backspace to Go Back

Backspace to Go Back

Both the function and name of the Backspace to Go Back extension are straightforward: It will let you press the backspace button on your computer keyboard to go back to the previous page. The shortcut key used to be a built-in feature in Chrome, but Google delete or removed it in 2016 and some use refuse to move on. Fortunately, this Chrome extension makes it simple and easy to reclaim the brilliant function.


Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, & Slides

Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, & Slides

The powerful productivity tools can be Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets, they are not so great at dealing with Microsoft documents. With the use of Office Editing extension, you can see ad modify or edit Office documents straight from Google Drive, bypassing the hoopla of converting to Google’s format and then saving back to .XLS, .DOC, or .PPT again.


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Enlarge Images: Imagus


In case you have ever squinted to create out a small photo online, squint no more. Imaguse enlarges thumbnails and shows videos or images from URLs when you hover over them. You can set which websites you do or do not want to tool to work on, but by default, it works on most pages. There are other settings to tinker with as well, like keyboard shortcuts, captions, and image preloading.


Search by Image (by Google)

Search by Image (by Google)

When you have seen a photo or picture on the Internet and surprise you where it came from Google’s Search with the Image extension can help. With the help of adding this extension, hovers your mouse cursor over any image reveals a link to Google Image Search, which can be identifying the image or photo and bring up similar images. From there, you will have a much easier time finding more details and track down the source.


Check Your Grammar: Grammarly


If you want to check your Grammar mistakes happen, but Grammarly help stops them. The handy Chrome extension works on pretty much on every site, from Gmail & Google Docs To Twitter & WordPress. It checks for punctuation and spelling errors, improves your vocabulary and grammar, makes your writing more concise, and even detects your a lot of making sure your text is appropriate for the situation. Grammarly is helpful for professional writers, students, and everyone in between


Save Money While Shopping Online: Honey


You have perhaps already heard about Honey on your most like a podcast, but just in case you have not, it is an extension that auto looks or search for and applies valid discount codes to your online shopping cart. Honey has coupons for over 30,000 sites and can find lower costs or prices for products or items on Amazon by comparing sellers and tracking cost or price drops. It also allows you to earn Honey Gold for purchases when you can redeem as gift cards. It is like free money!


Google Quick Scroll

Google Quick Scroll

If you want to search the web for something particular like a statistic or quote can get frustrating when the thing you are searching for is buried inside of the number of text. Google Quick Scroll extension helps you jump directly to what you require by showing snippets of related text in a small pop-up window box. Click on the text takes you to the related section, saving you from using “find in page” ad nauseam.


Save Memory: The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender

If you have ever had thirty-six tabs in the Chrome browser open only to wonder why your PC is processing sluggish, you might find a friend in The Great Suspender. This open-source Chrome extension detects tabs that have been open up but inactive for a while and automatically suspends them in the background. This frees up some of the memory and CPU that was being consumed. Of course, you can configure the specific, like whitelisting certain URLs or stopping any tabs playing from suspending. To get your suspended tab back, you just have to click on it.


Send to Kindle

Send to Kindle

Even if you are hooked on “read it later” applications like Instapaper and Pocket, you may want to give Amazon’s version a try. Send to Kindle renders web articles in an ad-free, clean view and sends them to the Kindle devices and apps of your choosing. It’s specifically useful for everyone who prefers the distraction-free reading experience of a Kindle e-reader and wants to get some web articles in the mix.


Clip and Save Online Content: Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

The most incredibly efficient way to save PDFs, articles, or even entire web pages with Evernote Web Clipper. Plus, you will never have to afraid about dead links or searching for something from scratch because all the thing you clip is saved as-is in your Evernote account. It even allows you to highlight or annotate stuff and review it whenever you want on any device.


Find a Word’s Definition: Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary

You might sometime encounter a word you do not know the meaning or definition of while reading online. In place of skipping over it, use Google Dictionary to easily and quickly determine its meaning so you can continue to move with the proper context. The extension makes fast work of this as all you have to do is double-click a word and its definition pops up next it in a bubble.




If you want to edits a lot of web images then Pic2Pixlr is a must-have extension that will help you. When you installed, then right-clicking on an image will reveal an “open with pic2pixlr” option in the context menu, allowing you to jump directly into Pixlr’s suite of free editing tools. It’s a lot quicker than downloading, uploading, uploading & downloading again.


For Centralized Communication: Pushbullet


For those users who are very busy all the time but do not want to miss a single chat or text, check out Pushbullet. The extension allows you to send and receive chats and SMS messages on your PC, and manage your notifications without requiring you to get your mobile phone out every time. It is compatible with famous chat applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Kik. You will require an Android phone to access most of these functions and features, however.


Stay on Task: Strict Workflow

Strict Workflow

Disturbances are everywhere. And while you cannot need control loud neighbors or your cat, you can protect yourself from getting distracted online thanks to Strict Workflow. It helps keep you on a task or a goal by temporarily stopping you from accessing fun distracting sites like Steam, YouTube, social media, BuzzFeed, or any others you deem as distractions. Strict Workflow keeps you on a Twenty-five minute work time, then a five-minute break timer (where you will have access to your fun websites again). It also lets you whitelist or blacklist sites and customizes timer lengths according to your necessities.


For Personalized Inspiration: Momentum


Through Momentum, you can create your New Tab page work for you. It actually replaces the page with your personalized dashboard, which features daily inspirational quotes and photos, the weather, and your to-do list. You can set up daily intentions, goals, customize widgets, and track your downtime and uptime, among the other functions. It is best for keeping you motivated, productive, and inspired every day.


Reduce Tab Clutter: OneTab


OneTab and The Great Suspender are similar, as its goal to prevent your tabs from hogging your PC’s memory. However, in place of suspending your tabs, OneTab allows you to convert your tabs into a list that you can restore into a list that you can retrieve all at once or individually at once as necessary. It is perfect for those who always require to have a lot of tabs open-you can even share your list of together tabs if you wish.


Stay Organized: Todoist


Todoist makes it simple and easy to keep arranged or organized with its handy to-do list and day-planning features or functions. With the pressing of a button, you can see your to-do list, edit or add tasks, and collaborate on big projects with other users. The Chrome extension makes it simple and easy to add a website as a goal or task, a product to your wishlist, or a blog post to your reading list. It is even helpful for you to remember deadlines, build habits, prioritize tasks, and track your progress on projects.


Toggl – Track the time you spend on which tasks

Toggl – Track the time you spend on which tasks

If Todoist had a long lost sister, it would be just Toggl. Toggl picks up where Todoist’s task management leaves off, allowing you to track the time you actually spend completing each goal. If you already do many of your work on the web, the Toggl Button extension makes remembering to track your time 10x simply and easier.


RescueTime – Track how much time you spend on which websites

RescueTime – Track how much time you spend on which websites

If you do not have a manual time tracking jam and you may wish to automate it with RescueTime. This handy application runs in the background on your PC logging where exactly your entire time goes. You can bring that automated time TrackingTime with the RescueTime Chrome extension to your web browser keeping track of how much time you spend on which websites and auto-categorizing those websites from Very Productive to Very disturbing or Distracting.
Arme with a goal search at how you spend your time inside Chrome, you can begin setting tasks and taking steps to align your time with your actual priorities.


CrxMouse Gestures

CrxMouse Gestures

The CrxMouse Gestures is one the best extension to adds useful mouse gesture macros to help with web opening, with mouse shortcuts for navigation and closing new tabs, opening forwards, or backward in your tab history and copying text or links. It’s a handy addition to Chrome, speeding up many common and small navigations tasks.

INSTALL CrxMouse Gestures

Other Top best Chrome Extensions

Here are some of the other Chrome extensions which you will need to install now or in the future.

  1. Awesome Screenshot
  2. LastPass
  3. Pablo.
  4. Easy Forward email for Gmail
  5. Click&Clean.
  6. Session Buddy.
  7. Checker Plus for Google Drive
  12. ANY.DO
  13. BLUR

We have picked up a list of the top best Chrome extensions from the Google Chrome Webstore that will need everyone to try out to install now. You will need to use these extensions in this year and as well as in the future 2021. These add-ons or extensions for Google’s Chrome browser will help you work faster.

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