Top Applications of Litho Printing


The history of printing dates back to 1800 years ago.Ever since the printing started, people witnessed lots of evolution in theindustry. In 1991, digital printing emerged. It became one of thecost-effective and exclusive printing techniques. But when it comes to thefinest quality prints with a fast turnaround, nothing beats the quality ofLithography. In this post, we will discuss the litho or offset printing, theimportance of lithography, and the common applications of this printingtechnique. Keep reading.

What isLithography, Litho Printing, or Offset Printing?

Lithography or litho printing is one of the commontechniques of printing text or images onto cardboard, paper, and othermaterials. Basically, the process involves acrylic and metal plates, which arecovered with ink. The ink is then used to print the text, image, and othercontent on the paper. Each page or card is printed separately. If you areprinting on a paper, then the litho device covers the end of every line withpowder and makes the paper dry. Being one of the oldest printing techniques,Lithography or offset printing has gained a lot of popularity over the past fewyears.

The technique is specifically used in projects thatneed exclusive and bold colors such as metallic colors. Moreover, they haveproven quite beneficial in printing a large volume of content. The proceduregives the best output. However, lithography needs skills. Only a professional litho print in Londoncompany canprovide you with the optimum results. After all, mixing the ink appropriatelyis a complicated task.

Since it offers great results, lithography isextensively used in books, posters, and lists printing requirements. Eventhough setting up the litho printer is quite a challenging and time-consumingjob, the process offers a fast turnaround (making it a perfect fit for plentyof printing applications). Whether it a magazine or business card, offsetprinting has proven an effective solution for all sorts of printingrequirements.

Uses ofLitho Printing

Considering that the setup of the Litho printer needstime, it isn’t a perfect solution for small printing jobs. For example, digitalprinting can be an ideal option for printing a handful of files or papers.Litho is used for applications that need high-quality and precise printing withfaster turnaround.

As mentioned above, lithography is the best option forany document that involves metallic or exclusive color printing. Contrary topopular beliefs, litho isn’t an outdated technique. It might be a traditionalprinting method, but lithography is still used for a number of applications,including but not limited to:

  • Catalogs
  • Magazines
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Books
  • Business cards or visiting cards
  • Best quality brochures
  • Premium prospectuses
  • Mouse mats
  • Plastic menus
  • Tent cards
  • Product advertisers
  • Branded coasters
  • Door hangers

And, the list goes on. Basically, lithography can beused in documents that need detailed images with rich colors. It is the mostsought-after option for businesses that need high-quality promotional printedmaterials. As compared to digital printing, litho is a cost-effective andbetter solution.

The technique can print a heavier and larger number ofpapers than digital and any other form of prints. With that being said, offsetprinting can be considered an ultimate solution for all types of large volumeand rich color printing requirements.

WhyLithography is Used?

Lithography saves time for the print buyers andprinting companies by printing over 100,000 papers quickly. If you have everseen the litho prints, you know how the quality of these printed documents isfar better and precise than other printing techniques.

Even if the other printing machines have evolved with technologicalprogress, litho is still considered the number one choice of business andindividuals for large volume printing jobs. In addition to clear prints, offsetprinting is known for its versatile nature. you could print the pictures onpaper, cards, cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, and other materials.

Regardless of the weight and size of the paper orprinting material, this printing technique gives the best output. Overall, thistraditional yet advanced printing technique is used for its versatility,detailed and precise results, large volume printing, and cost-effectivesolutions.

Final Words

There are many professional printing companies thatoffer high-quality and cost-effective litho printing services for all kinds ofprinting projects. It is best to hire a professional company and get precise printsof brochures, flyers, posters, magazines, books, and other promotionalmaterials.

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