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Virtual staging has already proven its efficacy for real estate agents as the property is not only sold faster but also for bigger money. It is one of the main reasons to stage photos of the property on sale. How can you do that? Of course, you may order professional virtual staging services, but there is a chance to try your hand at staging with the following 3D virtual staging tools.


1.Punch! Interior design


The tool is perfect for customizing and improving any detail of the existing interior. You can create a dream home using your exclusive ideas. There are thousands of different design options for building, furnishing, lighting or painting rooms. There is a quick start feature for users who are ready to build layouts. You can render your images from 2D into 3D format to have a clear image of the design. Available for Mac and PC it is a powerful virtual staging tool with an intuitively understandable interface.

The latest version of the tool has thousands of different objects, materials, paint colors as well as many new tools for more accurate web design. You can customize the user interface and learn how to use the tool in online video tutorials.



Being a 3D virtual home staging software Rooomy is meant for real estate agents and is simple to use. Every agent can create an immersive 3D environment without expensive cameras and other special equipment. It is enough to upload an image and you will be offered a drag-and-drop grid to indicate the corners of the room and a ceiling height. You can place 3D renderings of the furniture from famous manufacturers there, zoom in and out and change the viewing angles or replace current furniture with new pieces. You can use Roomy in listings by URL or API, but to use the image on your own website you should purchase it.

3.Cedar Architect


Cedar Architect is a 3d virtual staging software that allows adding not only objects like furniture but also life to images. Greenery, plants, and lighting can change the atmosphere of the room completely. There is a free trial for everyone while a bigger number of images to stage will cost you several dollars.

Cedar Architect also offers 3D virtual staging solutions, tours and animation to enhance the look of the home. The library of files is regularly updated so you will find a variety of interesting pieces up to door handles.



iStaging is an augmented and virtual reality platform both for iPhone and mobile devices on Android. It allows you to furniture any room virtually with existing pieces and objects. You can see all the furniture in real time, adorn walls and ceilings with paint or decorative objects, choose from over 10 thousand furnishing pieces and dive into the interior using special glasses.

5.Visual Stager


Known as DIY software Visual Stager allows changing photos in several minutes. You can do that in four simple steps:

  • Upload the photo of the room;
  • Remove the existing furniture if there is any;
  • Select the items from the list that exceeds 3,000 items;
  • Share staged photos.

The main benefits of the tool are its work inside the browser, exclusive patented technology to guarantee realism, desktop and mobile access from anywhere and anytime and a free trial for everyone to evaluate it.


There is a rather restricted number of virtual staging tools for real estate agents as it is professional software and not every developer can create a decent product. There are many apps and software that do not support 3D view and unfortunately, that makes them outdated.Thes are the most popular 3D virtual staging tools that will be appreciated by every real estate agent who wishes to sell property faster and for a higher price.

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