Tips To Improve Your E-Commerce Website Design

Is your e-commerce web design no more interesting? Is it not earning revenues as earlier?

What does it indicate?

The time has come to improve your e-commerce website design. You need to consider what to include inyour e-commerce website design so that your business stands out from thecrowd.

It is a big concern for most of the e-commerce websiteowners. They want to own a website that is fully-functional laced with allfeatures.

Who can help them own their aspired e-commerce websiteaccomplished with all trending features? It is an e-commerce website designcompany that can build a unique web design for their online stores.

Before you hire one, do you want to take a look at the top tips to improve your e-commerce website design? Here we are putting in the best ones.

• Keep it simple and minimalist

You should try to keep things simple and minimalist. No userlikes the clumsy site, they prefer using a website that is straightforward anddoes not demand too much search.

Make proper use of whitespaces in between and retainwhitespaces’ consistency throughout the site. Keep things comprehensive.

If possible, try to use a grid menu along with icons for varied categories. This offers a better view and increases the likelihood of user engagement. Use HD images wherever essential. Users go for photos in place of texts as they understand the gist by putting lesser efforts.

• Prioritize branding

The magic of branding is known to all. People want to buyonly from established brands. So, you need to remember that you must not own afaceless eCommerce website but you should try to stay in the front.

If you wish to create the trust for driving genuine salesfrom your online store, you require staying focused on branding. Here comes thedesign role in branding. You need to own a design different from yourcompetitors. Your e-commerce web design should build a bond with your targetaudience. Forever is certainly not aguarantee but yes the first impression lasts longer. Thus, what you needto do is, include branding factors into the web design. Define your brand withthe help of design. If you are facing some challenges initially. If you arefacing some challenges initially, ask some questions like:

  • If you need to describe your business in three words, what those would be?
  • What can make your brand different from other online stores?
  • What better can you do than anyone else in the market?

• Use Good Quality Images

In the field of web design, you must have heard of the thingthat images boost conversion. Yes, images enhance conversion but only relevantimages. If you use appropriate pictures, your conversion can increase by 40%(its relevance multiplies in the e-commerce world).

This conversion will drop 40% if you use no image or low-quality pictures. Without quality pictures, the customers will feel hesitant to make any purchase. Thus, whatever you sell via your e-commerce website, add high-quality pictures.

• Color Has An Active Role

Selecting the colors for your online store is a crucial step.Suppose, you have picked the red theme, then make sure that you select theright combination of other colors with it.

You should understand that color is a powerful tool and youneed to understand the psychology behind it. If you use the proper colorscheme, then you will be able to get proper gain from it. Varied colors triggerdifferent emotions, actions, and feelings of people. Therefore, you need to usecolors that you can use to your advantage.

For instance, if you want customers to buy from your store,then you need to create a purchase button that stands out (prefer a brightcolor like red for it. As per the color psychology, red color inspires peopleand it may increase your conversion by more than 30%.

Next is the blue color that helps you build credibility. It is not only a symbol of trust but it is also a color that is loved universally. Starts noticing from today more than half of the logos have a blue color.

• Think Like A Visitor

If you want that your e-commerce website design connects well with your audience, you will have to thinklike the audience. There are a few things that your target audience wants in ane-commerce store – that is well-designed, simple to navigate, hassle-free,straightforward, and offer easy shopping. So, you should provide those thingsthat they crave for. During the entire design process, you should put yourbrand in the visitors’ shoes.

  • Start doing the research from today itself! Work on the questions like:
  • How to depict a product that can make sense for the users?
  • How to simplify the shopping process (checkout process)?

• Add View Cart Button

Every e-commerce website should add a view cart icon orbutton. This helps the customers add required products into the cart. This isnot only crucial to add view cart button but you also need to place it at theeasy to find and convenient to use direction.

Keep it visible all the time so that buyers are able to find it whenever they visit and can view their cart.

• Color Has An Active Role

Outdated and heavy product pages break a business whilesimple pages with a hassle-free checkout process make a business.

Never make the checkout process pain for the customersotherwise you will lose lots of customers. So, create the checkout page designsimple, easy to navigate, and clean. Make sure that each feature (the entireprocess) crystal clear. Each step is a breeze to go like:

  • Proper resolution when there is a problem in their order.
  • Exchange and return policies are defined properly.
  • Confirmation message or email once their order is complete.

• Payment And Contact Information Should Be Available Readily

Your contact and payment information should be available readily. If you hide payment information mostly shipping information, then your customers will leave the cart immediately. If you want to charge shipping pricing then you must reveal it in the starting steps. Second, they will not keep searching for information to contact you. But you should give it to them. Easy to find contact information on an online store builds trust and transparency.

• Keep It Responsive

This is one of the most crucial rules to improve ane-commerce web design that you need to make your website responsive.

There are 85% of smartphone users who use mobile devices. Therefore, you cannot take a chance to sell products without a mobile presence. Thus, if you want to capture your potential customers who wish to use their tablets or smartphones to buy products, then you can drive them only with the mobile-ready approach as it will help you woo more and more customers.

Wrapping Up

Hence, these are the top tips to improve your e-commercewebsite design. Do you need an expert by your side to handle e-commerce webdesign? Then, the answer is a leading e-commerce website development companylike Ads and Url. The company staffs the most talented web designers to delivereach service offering with the best quality and given timeline. So, what areyou waiting for? Let’s talk to an expert today!