Tips to Enable Dark Mode Instagram iOS Android

Same like other social media platforms, Instagram also becomes a popular app around the world. Therefore, more than 300 million people are using for sharing their videos and images on this platform. Instagram updated most of the features on the requirement of its users. So now you can enable the dark mode on iOS and Android apps. Due to this, you can stare at users brightly colored vacation images and ads like developing film in a darkroom. You can use the simple ways to turn it on the dark mode then you need to enable dark mode Instagram on your iOS and Android device completely.

So you need to enable the dark mode of your mobile device and update the Instagram app. Let’s show you how to turn on enable dark mode on your Instagram app on your mobile devices in the following ways.

Enable Dark mode on iPhone and iPad

Hereare the steps to turn on dark mode on your iOS devices

  1. First of all, Go to the Settings app
  2. Find the Dark and tap Appearance or tap on Display and Brightness option
  3. Choose the Dark option instead of Light mode
  4. If you want to enable turn on or off automatically, then tap Automatic to switch the dark mode on Sunset and Sunrise.

Update your Instagram App from Store App

If there is no option for dark mode on your Instagram then you need to update for the latest version. Let’s follow the instruction to update the latest version

  1. Go toyour Store App
  2. Tap onthe User icon and to open the Account tab
  3. Go downto the Available Updates sections
  4. Tap onthe Update option next to Instagramor tap Update all

How to add Control Center button

Annoyingly,the Dark mode in iOS is all or nothing. You are unable to enable or disable forany native apps, or for many other third-party apps. But you add a ControlCenter button to switch it enable or disable system-wide

  1. Go tothe Settings option
  2. Choosethe Control Center option in theThird Set of Options
  3. Thentap on the Customized Control
  4. Under More Controls find the Dark Mode
  5. Pressthe Green Plus sign

Afterthat, you can flip Dark mode enable and disable at will. Go view at your prettyimages in the dark

Use THIRD-PARTY APP to Enable Dark Mode

Once you enable dark mode on your iPhone device then the feature will not invert all of the colors on your phone screen. Since the iOS device does not come with a built-in dark mode. Therefore, you can install a Third-party app called IGDARKMODE to enable dark mode on your phone. You must aware that the app works only on jailbroken devices. So does not go with this if your phone is still under warranty as it will become null & void.

Install the IGDARKMODE App

Here are the steps that how to install and run theIGDarkMode for Instagram:

  1. Tap on Cydia option (this app will to jailbreak your mobile) and select the Magnifying glass icon down in the corner
  2. Tap to open the Search bar and type igdarkmode and select the first one to access the options
  3. Next, tap on the Modify and press the Install option
  4. After that when you finish the installation tap on Confirm option let the process finish
  5. Then tap on Restart Springboard to restart your iPhone device
  6. Finally, the IGDarkMode is now ready to use

Turn on IGDARKMODE on Instagram App

After the installation, you need to enable IGDARKMODE on Instagram manually. But the sounds are harder than it actually is. So here are the steps that how to do it to enable it:

  1. Go to the Settings App on your phone
  2. Tap the IGDarkmode option
  3. Then tap the Option where it says “Enabled” to turn on dark mode
  4. Go to your Home screen and tap to open Instagram
  5. Finally, you will see your Instagram background will now in dark mode and relax to your eyes.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram for Android Devices

Maybe you know that some of the android devices come with a built-in dark mode or Night mode or need to download a third-party app for most of them. Therefore, can you enable dark mode on your android phone but it may be unable to work on your Instagram app. Similarly, you want to start with Android 10 dark mode or night mode started affected on a variety of apps—though not work all of them. If you have android 10 or above version then you need to trying the built-in dark mode first

Enable Dark Mode on Android phone

If you are using the updated version of Android 10 or above phone then you can enable dark mode from the settings will appear on your screen. The feature will change a variety of apps to dark mode and your contacts, photo album, and text background will be black with white color text. Some of the apps like Amazon and Facebook will continue to view the same but Instagram account app is one that will turn to dark mode. So follow these steps to turn on dark mode:

  1. Tap on the Access Settings
  2. Then tap on the Display option
  3. In the display, menu tap on the Toggle next to Dark Them option
  4. When you on the Toggle then your display will instantly turn to Dark mode
  5. Finally, sign in to the Instagram app to make sure the changes happen or take place

Use Third-Party App GBInsta

If you have the older android phone or the way is not useful for you. Therefore, you have the only way to get and turn on dark mode on your Instagram is to download and install the GBInsta app. The app will really help and improve the version of your Instagram app. This GBInsta will make it easy to upload and download pictures on your Instagram app. Then you have to follow the instructions below change the theme of your Instagram app with GBInsta app:

  1. First of all Download the GBInsta
  2. Open the App and Sign in to your Instagram
  3. Then open your Profile page and tap on the Settings option
  4. Next, tap the Download Them and hit Allow option
  5. After that, choose the Black them and OK to restart the app
  6. Finally, check your Instagram account will turn in to black, but only when you are run the GBInsta app

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