Tips to Avoid Failure in WordPress Themes –

There are uncountable WordPress themes on the market both free and paid ready to integrate with your blog or website. The number of attractive and feature-rich WordPress themes are being developed every day that we users are using extensively. But many times it happens that after a few days of installing any premium theme we encounter errors and problems that seem big and incurable. It is critical because it can greatly affect your business or blog traffic.

Here are a few tips which can help you avoid any failure in the WordPress themes.

Always Buy Only Premium Themes


There are tons of free themes available in the market that will appeal to you for your blog. Never install those, rather buy a premium theme. Your website is a business and invests wisely in your business. Premium themes support multiple features and unlike free themes, they are not outdated according to the market standards. Free themes allow limited usage and features and are not recommended.

Focus More on the Technology

Beautiful User Interfaces keeps on evolving and changing with time but the web technologies underneath matters the most. Do not go for themes which are only good-looking, bright and nice. Rather invest in a WordPress theme which has rich features like HTML5 markup or caching or Schema markup. They make the WordPress websites robust and customizable and does not fail in future usage. Remember looks can be deceptive. It is not necessary that a website with great UI will be best for your blog.

Always Check for Error in Theme Code


Sometimes it happens that after uploading a theme, we face the error on our admin page. This happens due to the error in the theme code. We can’t predict whether the theme is complete without error. So, better with the help of a security scanner like CodeGuard, scan and debug the corrupt PHP code and then reinstall the theme. You should also take the help of a developer in debugging the code if a major problem still persists.

Contain a Backup of All Your Files

If by any means the WordPress theme fails, you should make sure that all your files in the database should remain safe. Because if those files are gone then your entire business or blog will go down, and it is near to impossible to start everything from scratch. WPTC (WordPress Time Capsule) is one such plugin that backs up all your data on your drive. It backs up everything once a week or so. So, in any failure, your data will be safe.

Limit the Number of Plugins Used


Remove the unnecessary plugins that are not in use. Not all plugins are necessary for your blog. Excess plugins installed will make the website slow and will eventually take more time to load. Also, many times the web page crashes and in this case, we are not able to understand the problem quickly. So use only the necessary plugins according to the needs of your business.

Setup Themes to Update Automatically

Updates are released from time to time for different themes and the plugins you have installed. We need to update all manually which we can also forget many times. We can automate this process by writing a piece of code in a wp-config.php file. This step will ensure that whenever an update is available, the theme will automatically update itself without us worrying.

Eliminate the Theme and Plugin Editor


Most of the users use this built-in plugin feature because of the editing options we get on the WordPress theme. But if you don’t use this feature then it is better to disable it. This is because if the account gets hacked then the whole blog can be taken down by only editing a few codes there. This is the most popular trick that the hackers use to their advantage.

Select the Best Hosting Provider

Web hosting for any website matters the most and only then comes additional tricks to prevent WordPress theme fails. If the hosting is not good then your website will not be functioning properly. If you can afford then opt for dedicated WordPress hosting. It is better than shared hosting and does not affect your website performance due to others’ website problems.

Final Thoughts

So these are a few handy tips regarding WordPress security and how to prevent your WordPress theme from failing. Most of these methods are very easy to implement and do not require much effort. But at the same time, these are necessary steps which must be undertaken to ensure the safety of our website or error free running of your blog. Ultimately it is the robustness and user experience of the website that really counts in the long run and a clear and smooth theme is the answer to it.