Tinder Error 40303 Fix Prevent Getting Banned Again

In this article, users will learn about how to fix Tinder errors and prevent being banned in the future. Are you facing Tinder error 40303? Got Tinder error 40303? No one wants to be ban from the Tinder app. You will be banned from Tinder if do something not right, and are do something against their policy. According to Tinder error, 40303 means that you have been stopped and can no longer log in or access your account.

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How To Fix Tinder Error 40303S simple Fix

Tinder will not always appear to show the error code. You may also something went wrong and then redirected to the log in the display. It is the same thing if you do care about your account, it is an indication of something bad happen. However, you are unable to log in and access your Tinder account back until you submit an appeal or email to the Tinder help center.

Reasons for Getting Tinder Error 40303

There are several reasons for getting Tinder error 40303 and continue to read it one by one for your information:

  1. Offensive language or Misbehave/ Unnecessary and Bad behavior in conversation
  2. Catfishing:
  3. Other person reported your account with kind of others behavior etc
  4. Your account was reported which led Tinder to ban you from
  5. Violation of terms and conditions or community guidelines
  6. Racism or being racist
  7. Image Violation: If you are sharing violated, Unwanted, and rude photos or images on Tinder. (Take care what images you pick to share)
  8. Being underage: Tinder has decided to remove or discontinue service for the Under 18 age users.
  9. Spamming: Nobody accepting spammed chatting in their inbox, & there is another type of spamming that Tinder does not tolerate. Be careful with copy and pasting one line in all your chats.
  10. Promoting: Tinder will not allow you to promote a campaign, a business, or your shamelessly spamming or your arty-farty hipster blog, to people you. Tinder is not the place for all of these.
  11. Your Tinder account has once reported in a day, or a week or a month
  12. Harassing someone

You are sure that you did not violate any of the Tinder community guideline policy, and it was a mistake or misunderstanding. You can definitely appear your account to the Tinder help center team or support team. Tinder let yourself do judgment, do not violate, do not mistake, and do not get banned.

Anyway, Tinder’s community guidelines are definitely transparent. These guidelines are easy to understand and read. Just think about it, they will never compromise their Terms and conditions or policy for users as it is a big company worldwide.

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How to Fix Tinder Error Code 40303

If you got Tinder Error Code 40303 and want to fix then you want to fix it. Unfortunately when your account stop then there is no way to fix it. But still, you can follow the given ways of Appeal your account and Make or create a New Tinder account. Let’s scroll down to show you how to do it.

How to Appeal your Account or Contact with Tinder Support?

If Tinder doesn’t allow you’re to log in then all you have to do is submit an appeal to Tinder’s support team. Remember that your Tinder account has been prevented because people have reported you. Or you have violated Tinder’s security rules regulations. You want to submit an appeal to the Tinder support team. Then nowadays Tinder does not support any appeal for your account once banned. You will require following another way to send an email to the Tinder support team.

Contact with Tinder Support | Submit Appeal Your Account

If you are not the payable member at Tinder. You make a mistake or intend to behave in a way that violates or against the Tinder standard Policy or Terms and conditions. It may be not making much sense to wait for your account to reopen. Let’s follow the given listed steps to appeal or contact the Tinder support team.

  1. Open your computer or mobile and any other devices
  2. Compose New Email to Tinder help center about your issue
  3. Then send it to the following address: help@gotinder.com
  4. Then, leave an email to see if they will check out. Therefore, being polite & respectful in your email will make your job easier.
  5. Finally, don not forget that the only way to fix or solve these issues is connecting with the Tinder support Team, but it is still quite challenging to get back your banned account to unban.

How to Create a New Tinder Account

I will recommend to entire users of Tinder having these problems. Just stop all things and create or sign up for a new account. And get a new brand, a fresh start, make sure to take precautions this time. Remember that you create a new account with new information and do not use the information provided to the previous one.

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Steps to Create New Tinder Account

If the first method not helpful for you and still the problem is valid. Then follows these steps to create a New Tinder Account.

  1. You will need to Clear cache and data
  2. Go to Settings then Storage section and tap Clear Cache and Data option
  3. Now Uninstall and delete Tinder App from your Mobile phone
  4. Then Sign up or Create New Facebook or Gmail Account for yourself
  5. Tinder can track your Device IP address then you require to download & install a VPN application to your Mobile and Run it
  6. Lastly, Download and Reinstall Tinder Application from Google Play Store
  7. Tap to Open and Log in to your Tinder account with your fresh new Facebook or Gmail account

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How to Prevent Getting Banned on Tinder in the Future?

Let’s show the best way to get unbanned in the future. Tinder is to avoid or try your best to avoid being a ban for the first time, of course. Then you will need to follow some of the following rules when you are using the Tinder app:

  1. First of all, you must be not under 18 age
  2. Try not to harras anyone
  3. Always be reasonable and respectful
  4. Do not use bad or unwanted words and not threat
  5. Never ever use wording like diseases and drugs etc
  6. Do not say or send something racist, sexist, or offensive
  7. Mostly girls are asking money, do not try that
  8. Always control your anger and behavior
  9. Avoid talking about politics or religion
  10. Make sure to not hate, spam, etc
  11. Do not share or post sexual, offensive or naked images on your profile
  12. Prevent broadcast any personal or private info about anyone or yourself
  13. Avoid using a fake account and Be real
  14. Not to use copyright application, images, and similar materials
  15. Keep in mind that, Tinder is not an app for posting or share business or financial information.
  16. Never share photos etc, with animal and dead bodies
  17. Not to reset account over and over

How to get Unbanned from tinder

The best way to get unbanned is to wait a few days after you have been banned to let the dust settle. Then you can contact to help center or appeal to Tinder in a message or email and hope for the best. Try to be polite and respectable as possible. If you are a paying member, you have a better shot of getting unbanned. You can also follow another way to make a fresh account for Tinder and as well as for Facebook or Google account. Related: How to get unbanned onTinder

What is Tinder error o:40303?

Tinder error 40303 mean that you have banned and not log in and unable to access your account. Alternatively, Tinder will not always display show the error code. You may also Something went wrong and then take to the log screen.

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