The Typography Lover’s Playing Cards

Wayback Machine1 capture18 Oct 2021successfailAbout this captureCOLLECTED BYCollection: Common Crawl Web crawl data from Common Crawl. TIMESTAMPSloadingThe Wayback Machine – to contentToggle MenuBlog | IllustrationThe Typography Lover’s Playing CardsByDesignrfixJune 10, 2016June 10, 2016What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘deck of cards?’ Probably not ‘typographer’s dream.’ Chris Cavill set about creating a deck of cards that would inspire typography lovers everywhere. If the latest reviews are any indication, he certainly hit his mark.[blockquote source=”Chris”]”Designed for individuals who like us who love beautiful typography and art. It’s purpose is to bring something different to the table when it comes to cards night and inspire creativity to others.”[/blockquote] Image Source: www.thetypedeck.comWhat Others Are SayingThroughout the Designrfix offices, people are raving about this deck of cards. Kay Hammond says “the cards are really beautiful. The art has a kind of refined whimsy. They’re sturdy and elegant. It’s a fresh take on the classic deck of cards.”Ashley Balin appreciates the “typography and illustrations,” calling the deck “a well designed and elegant deck of cards, perfect for an artist or any art lover. She also likes how Chris added ‘the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,’ and seeing how the type looks in every letter of the english alphabet.” Derek Bryant observed that they have a “good weight to them so they don’t feel cheap.” And Andrew Hostetler thinks “the cards have a great mouth feel!” High praise from people who have devoted their careers to design. And it’s not only Designrfix that is creating buzz around these cards. Designtaxi wrote a thorough review of the deck, calling it ‘a treat for the design and typography lovers.’ With such high praise, we expect these cards to really take off in the design world. They’re perfect for the design-conscious consumer to add pizzazz to their home or office.One Deck With Four Elegant StylesThe Spades: The highest of the decks scoring suit has well designed serif typefaces that is surrounded by numerous intense strokes. They intertwine around the typography in the most whimsical way. Image Source: www.thetypedeck.comThe Hearts: As you can see the hearts is the most expressive suit in the deck. The type containing dramatic and thick strokes with multiple tones of red expressing the intense feeling of passion.Image Source: www.thetypedeck.comThe Clubs: The most curves of all the cards in the deck. The style and typeface reflect a strong and intense curvy feel and shape. The design features elegant stroke marks that grow directly from the typography, fitting perfectly between the lettering.Image Source: www.thetypedeck.comThe Diamonds: Unlike the typically flat diamond shape you see on a standard deck of cards. The typography shows a detailed, shadowed serif font that’s almost elevated from the card. Sharp ended ligatures mimic the suit symbol.Image Source: www.thetypedeck.comHow can you get this deck of cards?Head right over to the shop for any amount of the card decks you wish. You can also purchase an uncut sheet of The Type Deck. These are for the ultimate typography fan. You can frame them in your home, studio, or poker den. (replace with: man cave?) With phrases like ‘No one is in charge of your happiness except you’ and ‘the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,’ this deck of cards is sure to be a conversation starter. And it shows all the letters beautifully designed in the english alphabet. Image Source: www.thetypedeck.comYou can tell that a lot of thought and detail went into these cards, as a scroll through their website gives us an insight into the message behind each card. Each suit is expressed in a unique way through typography. For instance, The Spades suit gets special treatment, because ‘the highest scoring suit in the deck deserved to be given some form of highness.The serif typeface is surrounded by an intense number of strokes, each perfectly intertwining around the typography.’ Are you a store owner who stocks gorgeously designed items like The Type Deck? You can buy these decks wholesale for your store or boutique! This deck of cards would look great amongst other quirky, specialty design items such as this coffee table hockey game or these sweet cigar box speakers. Buy It Now! www.thetypedeck.comIf you’re dying to get your hands on these cards, but don’t have the required funds, there is hope for you yet! You can enter to win a free deck of cards by downloading this image and reposting it on either Instagram or Pinterest using the hashtag #TheTypeDeck. If you are selected, you will win your very own The Type Deck! Will you be purchasing The Type Deck? Are you a fan of design items that take an ordinary object, like the playing card, and put a unique design twist on it? Let’s hear your thoughts below in the comments section! Post Tags: #deck of cards#Illustration#play#TypographySimilar PostsBlog25 Beautiful Flash websites from around the worldBytdomf_80aa6March 9, 2010I was never good with Flash back in college, but I always did enjoy seeing some of the most creative websites built in flash. We all know flash is not SEO – Friendly, but in most cases, if you have an amazing website, you really wouldn’t need it. It takes great skill to do flash,… Read More 25 Beautiful Flash websites from around the worldContinueBlogQuelques exercices afin de rester créatif et inspiréBytdomf_80aa6May 6, 2010Comme nous le savons tous, la créativité peut parfois manquer lors de l’élaboration d’un nouveau projet. 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