The State of Video Marketing in 2019 –

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Video marketing has more than proven its worth over the past few years. It has turned into a staple in marketing, but it’s constantly changing and giving new opportunities to marketers to create entertaining content. Everyone is doing it and it’s easy to get into, so there’s no longer an excuse to not be taking advantage of video marketing.

Benefits of Video Marketing

One major reason that video marketing gets such great results is that people prefer to watch a video over reading text articles. Anything you could put in written content could be applied to a video with the chances of being more effective. People don’t want to take the time to read through long posts. Watching a video is easier, quicker, and people have a higher likelihood of remembering it. Videos are engaging and allow your audience to see a more human side of your business.

Video marketing has also gotten relatively inexpensive to produce. It’s possible to create a high-quality video just by using your phone. The biggest trends in video marketing are also easy enough that you’ll be able to produce them on your own. This makes the format much more accessible for everyone and has plenty of opportunities for you to create videos like affordable explainer videos. If you do decide to hire a professional, the ROI is often high, so it’s definitely worth it.

Video Marketing Trends

For the rest of 2019, there are a few new video marketing trends to look out for and learn how to utilize. Being on top of the trends ensures that you’re getting the most out of your video marketing efforts. Each trend has great benefits and some can be used by any type of business and bring good results, but some are more useful for certain industries. When looking through different video marketing trends, you should consider what would work best for your business and industry.

Social Media Stories

Hundreds of millions of people watch Instagram videos every day. With different polls and voting options, this is possibly the easiest way for you to interact with people over social media. Any businesses looking to appeal to a younger audience should become well versed in posting Instagram stories. They’re also very cost effective because you can find editing apps for free to help you customize them. Aside from posting regular stories, you can also create story ads.

Live Streaming

Live streaming videos is another way you can take advantage of video marketing trends for free. People of all ages watch videos that are live streamed every day at a growing rate. Live streaming gives you the chance to really connect with your audience because you can speak directly to them.

360-Degree Video

A new advancement in video marketing is 360-degree videos. These videos allow you to post panoramic videos where users can turn around inside the video to see all their surroundings. By giving users the feeling that they’re actually in the video, it’s easy for them to be interested in it. This type of video can be especially helpful for businesses like museums, real estate agencies, and travel companies.


Some vloggers today have millions of followers on YouTube and can turn vlogging into their primary source of income. If you’re looking for a new way to connect with your audience, you should think about getting started with vlogging. This gives you the opportunity to discuss industry topics, or even just give people a way to get to know you in a more personal way. You can even use vlogging as a way to repurpose older blog posts to make them more appealing.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is still new and expensive compared to other video formats, so not many businesses have been able to take advantage of it. As it becomes more accessible, it could become commonplace in the future. If you’re able to use virtual reality now, it could set you apart from the crowd. When you use virtual reality, you can fully immerse yourself in a new environment more effectively than using anything else. Virtual reality is also helpful for training purposes for businesses, like training employees to speak in front of crowds or put them in the environment they’ll be working in.