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Meta description: Learn about the latest tools for website designers to create useful websites that matter. These web design tools should be on your radar!

Websites are the gateway to businesses. They say a lot about your products and services – and who you are as a brand. To make an effective website today, the site needs to be responsive to both laptop and smartphones because 80% of online shoppers will use their mobile to make a purchase.

Ultimately, designing a website is more than just its appearance; it accounts for everything, including functionality. To help you design websites that matter, here are three of the latest web design tools available for designers.

But First, Why Are There So Many Web Design Tools?

There are always new website designing tools being made because the industry is booming, and this means there are a lot of options for you to choose from. Some technologies get replaced every so often, but websites look as though they are here to stay, which contributes to a continuing cycle of these tools being made.

Simultaneously, the demand for well-designed websites means more web designers are needed. These professionals often work as freelancers or as part of online agencies, but web design was one of the most searched jobs on UK website JobRapido in the last year – and the site does have many web design jobs listed frequently.

Three New(ish) Web Design Tools

1. Unscreen
The power of having a video on a website is no longer a secret. Videos increase engagement with an audience and are effective at explaining products, services and packages. Sometimes creating a video can be difficult, but Unscreen makes it simpler.

This tool will remove the background of videos to make your home shots look more professional. The tool is entirely free to use right now, but an enhanced version is in the pipeline, which will include paid-for additional features and capabilities.

2. Heroicons
Heroicons provides its users with a wealth of icons to be used for website projects. In total, there are 308 icons to choose from with half of them being solid icons, and the other half outlined icons. The best thing about Heroicons is that you can start for free and it is straightforward to use.

3. Vangogh
Imagine being able to search a word and be given colours that resemble the word you searched. That is possible with Vangogh. Search for the word that best resembles the colour you want the site to feel like – such as sunset, ocean or environment – and be instantly given colour options that are ready to download and use.

Have You Heard of Affinity Designer?

Another relatively new tool that some designers may want to explore is Affinity Designer. This is a graphic design tool that can be used to help design website aesthetics. It helps make bespoke shapes and professional designs – if you have a Mac.

For a full review of this cool designer tool, check out our complete guide on what it can do for you and how to use it.