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If you own a website, you already know how difficult it is to make people spend time on it once they have accessed it. The overall user experience (UX) is the one that counts, and the elements that make up a good UX are so diverse that it might be difficult to keep up with the trends. Besides the amount of time spent on a website, the quality of the content that you publish, and how responsive and intuitive the website is, you also have to keep in mind one important aspect: images.

Visuals are the elements that rapidly stir the interest of users when they access a website for the first time. Without visuals, the website would be too plain and can steer viewers away. Take one step back and don’t think about illustrations and animations just yet; let’s stick to photography and the classic use of images. Learn below why is it important to have personalized, high-quality images on your website and what does that involve.


Enhancing SEO

Instead of using words to convey what you want to transmit to your users, use images. Illustrating the content that you publish on your site with the help of high-quality images will help the users form an idea about what you are trying to say. Search engines appreciate the effort too, even though they can’t actually see the pictures that you post. Instead, search engine bots read the files’ names, the captions you add, the alt text you use and every title that comes with a picture.

Moreover, search engines know what types of images you add to your site based on their size, responsiveness, and scalability. An image that isn’t scalable won’t show up properly on all screen sizes. High-quality images that have all details on point will keep search engine bots pleased, besides having the users spend a little longer on your site, thus reducing the bounce rate.

Generating Leads

If your website is representing of an exclusive good, you need to present your products in the most attractive manner possible. Because industries, such as fashion, are highly aesthetic, it’s impossible not to use images and still be successful. Having a professional photographer take shots of runway models while they wear the creations you are selling is a great way to gain the trust of the users. The high-quality images will garner more views to your site, increase user engagement, decrease the number of people who immediately leave your website, and form a link between your customers and your website. Localizing customers is absolutely necessary if you’d like to convert users into leads.

Increasing Product Sales

Finally, by using images, you can get your products sold faster. This is possible because images help with promoting your brand personality. Establishing a brand voice is difficult without visual elements, let alone a photography style. High-quality images also make products look more appealing compared to less qualitative ones. Thus, users are easily convinced to buy the products and your sales will increase in no time. Give it a try and see what return on investment you receive.

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