The Best Websites for Downloading Cool Wallpapers

ByUmar Ali - February 24, 2021

Do you know the best websites for downloading cool wallpapers? If you are getting bored with your wallpaper on your mobile device or with your desktop wallpaper? Because we use our mobile devices and PCs so much, it’s best to have a choice of cool backgrounds to look at.

That is why we have made a list of links below of some websites where you can download cool wallpapers for your smartphone or your computer. Not the entires of the wallpapers are free, but there is a lot of free of cost ones to offers a variety of cool backgrounds.

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Wallpaperfx is a wallpaper website that offers a large collection of wallpapers images and they are unbelievable enough to separate them into categories. They specify the theme and dimension. The site has a simple interface to access and is easy and free of cost to use.

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Desktop Nexus

Desktop Nexus is a community-based web page for high-quality wallpapers images that lets members upload photos, interact, sharing real-time feedback, or comment with photographers or artists. You can subscribe to their RSS feeds to get a notification message when a new wallpaper image is uploaded to one of your chosen categories. Every wallpaper image uploaded by the page members is automatically stretched, resized, cropped, and re-mattered to fit your display size.

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Dribbble is a site like DeviantArt in that searching results are not guaranteed to presents exactly what you looking for. This is due to there is no designated location for wallpapers, so all the things you detect will be based on search results. You may view regular vectors, or wallpapers, or anything tagged with the words you looked for. Once you detect a wallpaper image it may or may not be free. Given these things, this site is very easy and simple to use and may just be what you require for finding the right wallpaper image.

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DeviantArt is the largest online community of art, is the main home of much more than just wallpapers images. You will view all types of various categories, ranging from Flash designs to literature. When you looking for “Macbook Pro Retina Display”, you will detect a lot of wallpapers often packaged and designed just for you! The only downside to this site is the fact that it is so huge. It may take a long time to search and find just the wallpaper image you wish. Still, the work is often mind-blowing and very much worth it.

It is an online social network for artists that lets established and emerging artists to promote, exhibit, and share their works within a peer community dedicated to the arts. Every day more than 100,000 original works of art are uploaded, ranging from traditional media, such as digital art, sculptures and painting, pixel art anime, and films.

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The InterfaceLIFT present more than 2500 free tablets, smartphones, and PC wallpapers. You can also download wallpapers images in bulk an image for a penny.


Webshots site is one of the largest video and photo sharing that offers a variety of methods to enjoy videos and photos. They offer premium and free memberships with large numbers of storage. You can share videos, photos, and slideshows on your personal website and on Webshots.


Vladstudio presents a very nice interface with amazing and beautiful wallpaper. The website also has games and applications, a shopping center, and more. There is one point to note, however, that might stop this website from being the preferred site to visit: In order to download a wallpaper image in a certain resolution, you will require to make a premium account. In case you are not willing to pay for your wallpaper images, it is probably better to use another website.


Wallbase is one of the searchable wallpaper databases with content uploaded by users.

Digital Blasphemy

Digital Blasphemy provides seven hundred photos, including pictures for different animated versions and monitors of some wallpapers. Some of the wallpapers are free of cost for you to sample. However, paying members have access to the complete gallery and able to download wallpapers individually or in bulk archives. Members of Digital Blasphemy can also download widescreen resolutions up to 2560 x 1440, smartphone and tablet versions, and resolutions up to 2560 x 1600, and 16:9 HDTV.

National Geographic Wallpapers

Here is another one of the largest National Geographic Society of scientific, nonprofit, and educational institutions in the world and they offer free daily photos and wallpapers you can download.
Simple Desktops

Simple Desktops website presents more simple but nice wallpaper for your desktop which provides enough eye candy to not get distracted or bored.

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

The NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive offers multiple photographs or images of each day of the universe, along with a brief explanation of the picture written by a professional astronomer.

NASA Image of the Day Gallery

A downloadable image by the NASA Image of the Day Gallary in various sizes that you are able to download, each with a description. You can also sign up or create an account for their RSS feed to receive a .jpg file of the new picture each day.

The Paper Wall

The Paper Wall site presents wallpapers images for download in different categories and resolutions. You can also see popular and recently added wallpapers and display random wallpapers, one at a time.

Free World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Wildlife Wallpaper

You can download free wallpapers from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) free of cost in various resolutions. Widescreen: 1280×800 and 1440×900, Fullscreen: (1024×768 and 1280×1024, and Netbook: 1366×768. They are always adding new photos of wildlife and nature.


Shorpy presents historical images extracted from reference photos from the Library of Congress research archive. They are available for download in jpeg format.

American Greetings Wallpapers

American Greetings presents 100 desktop images and designs as wallpapers for you can download at zero cost. present wallpaper-related content for free of cost and is supported by ads. You search the content, and rate and comment wallpaper, and see wallpapers in various categories.

There are 3 various types of wallpapers available on Wallery is a special product item that rotates through different static wallpaper pictures. Animated wallpaper is similar to screensavers. Static wallpaper photos do not move. website presents free HDTV, Laptop, desktop, and smartphone wallpapers you can download, and the website is updated every day.

Wallpapers Wide

Wallpapers Wide website presents wallpapers in many various resolutions and lets you submit wallpapers images as well. The website also finds the recent aspect resolution and ratio of your current display. You can see wallpapers images in several categories, the updated wallpapers, and the top wallpapers. website presents several utilities including a collection of more than 4,500 free of cost desktop wallpapers images.

Dream Wallpaper website presents free of cost, easy-to-use software that lets you get over eighty thousand high-quality free wallpaper images from their website in several categories. The software cycles the wallpaper images, and you are able to download widescreen wallpapers as well as regular wallpapers.


Fonditos presents wallpaper you are able to download for free without having to sign up or register for an account. Most of the wallpaper’s images do not have any publicity inscriptions on them. You are able to publish the minimum size for a wallpaper image on their site is 1024×768. New wallpapers images are added to the site each day. site presents a lot of collections of free desktop wallpapers in several categories. You are able to browse the categories, see the most current free wallpapers on the main web page, or search for particular topics.


WallpaperStock site presents free of cost wallpapers and stock images in a range of resolutions including HD and widescreen. You can see the photos and wallpapers in several categories, see the top wallpapers, or select to have a random wallpaper displayed.


Magentic is free of cost software you can download that gives access to 1000 professional wallpapers-photo (and a huge selection of screensavers). It also lets you make personal screensavers and wallpapers from your own photos. New collections are constantly added.


Zedge site presents wallpapers images for smartphones devices, as well as prewritten texts and ringtones. There is also an Android phone appliction you can use to easily add items to your Android mobile device or tablet device.

AndroidCentral Free Wallpaper Gallery

AndroidCentral also presents a free of cost Wallpaper Gallery, but you must sign up or register to download the wallpapers images. Registration is free and also lets you rate the wallpapers.

FreeWallpapers.Pro site presents a collection of high quality, free of cost wallpapers images in many resolutions, and in several categories. is for several Android smartphones that are interactive and animated. Most of the wallpapers images are for free, but some are not free.


Cellsea is a website of community that lets you create, download, and share wallpaper, games, ringtones, videos, and more for free.


The list of the best websites will help you to download cool Wallpapers for your desktop devices or smartphone devices. These cool wallpapers will change the screens of your devices. If you find some of the other cool wallpapers websites then let us know to update the post for other audiences to easily find their favorite images.

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