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Being a java developer today means to carry an enormous number of utilities, apps, and libraries that are useful in the work. Clearly, there are tons of such tools out there, but what are the best ones that work for developers who like to optimize their time? Even with limited time for doing the programming, there are lots of great tools that can help to optimize time and deliver outstanding work in a quick and efficient way. The following list was selected using these very criteria.

1. Eclipse

There are at least ten different IDEs on the market today, including NetBeans and Intellij IDEA, which are new and provide advanced functionality for the Java developers. However, making a selection of your best development environment is a task that should be made wisely. Let’s turn to surveys. A recent one showed that despite the abundance of different new environment like the ones mentioned above, more than fifty percent Java developers today still the Eclipse as the go-to environment. It still remains the mother of all IDEs because of great customization and numerous available plugins. The latest version, for example, has an even more impressive set of features, including new themes, functional line command terminal, split-screen editing, and support for Java 8. It is our choice as well.

2. Java World

This is a website that is often used by Java developers because of the remarkable archive of detailed articles on Java and associated news. It provides an original and useful content that can expand the knowledge of Java and become even more professional. For developers’ convenience, the resource also contains information about newbies, white papers, development tools, and even programming careers. In other words, it can be the first go-to online destination for Java developers for information, tools, and knowledge.

3. FindBugs

The next tool is a great one that performs a critical function: matching complied code against a vast database of bugs. After completing the analysis, the developer will be provided with the lines of code that could be affected by bugs, thus allowing to eliminate the issues. To our best knowledge, the tool has been provided with a countless number of bug descriptions and the database is increasing every week. To make the analysis easier, FindBugs categorizes the bugs into four groups based on the level of risk, including of concern, troubling, scary, and scariest. Apparently, the latter one requires an immediate attention of the developer. Also, the tool contains various plugins to make work even easier, including Ant task and aforementioned Eclipse.


This is another great resource worth visiting every day. Similarly, with JavaWorld, it introduces the visitor to the Oracle Community and allows to follow, share and participate in the daily life of the group. Moreover, it enables to meet tons of other Java developers and share the knowledge further. In addition, numerous articles can be found on the website and they can enrich the expertise in no time. One of the main advantages of being a member of is that you can ask questions and resolve Java-related problems using the help of many professionals.

5. Groovy

Need to extend Java and simplify the code? Here’s a perfect tool for you. Groovy is a programming language that delivers these functions by adding new keywords, optionally typed variable declarations, and automatically-providing generally utilized classes. Another significant advantage of Groovy is scripting features. Specifically, the tool helps to compile classes as Java bytecode or execute dynamically through the Groovy Shell. Java developers from Ausieessay recommend their getting started guide as the first destination you should visit to get yourself started with Groovy.

6. IBM developerworks

In our experience, IMB developerworks has been very useful because it offered a vast pool of articles and presentations containing some advanced content on Java. The authors of the articles include some reputable people from the Java world, including Neal Ford, who also features on With that volume of Java-focused content, IMB developerworks becomes a great tool for gaining knowledge, meeting new people, and finding apps and other tools. Moreover, it has numerous links to other useful resources.


This tool is a utility that performs monitoring and review of the performance of Java apps. Having it at your disposal is great because it retrieves and provides diagnostic information about ongoing processes, thus giving you more control. Moreover, this function can be performed in real time, so it helps to increase productivity and efficiency of the Java apps. There a number of different profiling tools, such as jstat, jmap, and jConsole, included in the tool. Their monitoring and messages can even be photographed using snapshot function to ensure that mistakes are avoided.

8. JTest

This is another great tool for Java developers, which is an automated software testing and static analysis package developed by Parasoft. It performs different functions, including metrics analysis, regression testing, Unit test-case generation and execution, and run-time error detection. Therefore, it can make your work flawless and save you some time for monitoring of errors and carrying out the analysis.

Java landscape is an ever-changing world that is added with great tools and resources every moment. The list above collected the combination of recent and proven tools that can be your best friend in many situations. Moreover, they can save you time and allow to increase the efficiency.

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