Telugu Tamil heroes cars and their cost

Telugu Tamil heroes cars and their cost

22 Most Expensive Cars Of South Indian Celebrities

1. Udhayanidhi Stalin

Telugu Tamil heroes cars and their cost: The very famous producer and actor is bound to be on the most expensive car list down south. He is a proud owner of Hummer.

Telugu Tamil heroes cars and their cost

Hummer H3 – Rs. 45 Lakhs

2. Vijay

He loves to be a class apart regardless of how his movie roles might define him as. Rolls Royce Phantom is his precious baby!

Telugu Tamil heroes cars and their cost

Rolls Royce Phantom – Rs. 3 crores

3. Suriya

Suriya, who is also one of the most down to earth fellas, loves to drive an Audi for a change. There is a speculation that the car has been gifted by the company to Suriya . But we sure as hell know he deserves it.

Telugu Tamil heroes cars and their cost

Audi A7 – Rs. 85 lakhs

4. Vikram

He is not your ordinary car collector, he has a strong penchant for Audi only. Amongs all of his Audis we pick out Audi R8, the sportsmodel as his biggest collection piece. He does maintain a rather high standard when it comes to movie roles or cars!

Telugu Tamil heroes cars and their cost

Audi R8 – Rs. 2. Crores

5. Dhanush

Dhanush is also an another Audi lover. He is also proud owner of a Bentley and Jaguar.

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Audi A8 – Rs. 1.7 Crores

6. Trisha

Trisha has this stately BMW to show for her long and successful career in cinema. Well, BMW was a good choice to showcase the idea. We have heard she has bought a Mercedes as well after the BMW.

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BMW 5 series – Rs. 1 Crores

7. Santhanam

He might have started by acting in a supporting role, but he made sure that his car would be the big guy. The Range Rover Evoque, is a beastly SUV that makes you look larger than life!

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Range Rover Evoque – Rs. 40 Lakhs

8. Harris Jayaraj

Music director Harris is no less when it comes to buying a car. He has imported this sweet Lambi to feed to his automobile addiction. He also ensured that some officials from the company come down to Chennai to safely remove the vehicle from its container.

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Lamborghini Aventador LP700 – Rs. 5 Crores

9. Yuvan Shankar Raja

It’s not just his style of music, but also his choice of cars that we are in love with. He loves GT and before owning this Aston Martin, he had a BMW AW650i. Kudos Yuvan!

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Aston Martin N420 vantage – Rs. 2 Crores

10. Mohan Lal

Fondly known as Lalettan, Mohan Lal loves to spend his money on buying costly exotic cars. He owns a Face-lifted version of Mercedes Benz S350. The car’s major rivals are Audi A8 and BMW 7 series.

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Mercedes Benz S350 – Rs. 1.5 Crores

11. Mammootty

He owns nearly 369 cars till date and has recently bought the first Maruthi 800 ever got in a lucky draw. Do we really need to say more after 369 cars?!?

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Jaguar XJ-L Caviar – Rs. 1.5 Crores

12. Prithviraj

Replacing the Audi Q7 with a Porsche Cayenne and appearing at a friends wedding was the best car display. Our cute ‘classmate’ know just how to woo the audience.

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Porsche Cayenne – Rs. 1.4 Crores

13. Allu Arjun

Bunny is no kid when it comes to buying precious cars. This BMW X6 is a luxury crossover and is tagged as a sports activity coupe. He rides this luxurious monster with the license number plate 666.

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BMW X6 – Rs. 1 Crore

14. Mahesh Babu

His wife gave him one of the best gifts ever. The first ever Range Rover in India on his 36th birthday. Obviously it’s his priced possession.

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Range Rover – Rs. 2 Crores

15. Ravi Teja

From rags to riches, this star has definitely learnt the art of possessing a good four wheeler. Mercedes S class is the way to go when you are on display!

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Merc S class- Rs. 1.5 Crores

16. Pavan Kalyan

The stylish power star can’t be left behind in this car chase. He has two Benz cars and one skoda car totaling the valuation to 2 Crores.

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Audi Q 7 – Rs. 85 Lakhs

17. Jr. N.T.R.

Jr. NTR loves the muscle power be it his own or that of his vehicles. He owns a lot of fast paced bikes and cars and his recent addition of the Porsche makes him look like the ‘young Simham’.

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Porsche 911 – Rs. 2.5 Crores

18. Naga Chaitanya

The budding actor and son of Nagarjuna, has joined the car collection with a big brand. He is still has a long way to go in collect more precious cars.

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BMW 325 – Rs. 60 Lakhs

19. Chiranjeevi

Megastar Chiranjeevi has a lot of cars mostly for his kids. But his is no less fancy, he has been gifted two very grand cars including a Rolls Royce Phantom.

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Rolls Royce Phantom – Rs. 3 Crore

20. Bala Krishna

Bala Krishna or Balayya is also a car addict. He has a Porsche Panamera and a BMW 7 series. The ‘Lion’ always comes in style.

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BMW 7 series – Rs. 1.5 Crores

21. Kamal Hassan

The very famous Tamil actor has made great movies and bought many cars which keep getting replaced with every new movie release. He currently owns a Audi R8 and a Hummer H3.

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Audi A8 and Hummer H3 – Rs. 2 crores

22. Ram Charan Tej

Ram Charan Tej has managed to keep his love for cars alive. He was gifted a Aston Martin for his wedding after which he bought the first Range Rover Autobiography edition in India. ‘Magadheera’ to mega car chaser Ram certainly has a different style.

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Aston Martin V8 Vantage and Range Rover Autobiography – Rs. 5.8 Crores