Take Full Page Screenshots Google Chrome without an Extension

Google Chrome Full page screenshot no extension

Do you know how to take full-page screenshots in Google Chrome without using an extension? Google is a big search engine around the world and has a lot of hidden features for its users. Users can use these hidden features from the developer tools that like an edit web browser, Remove auto-fills, and take full-sized screenshots of any web page. They can also backup and restore Google Chrome bookmarks and turn on private or incognito mode. You can save Google calendar from spammer event attacks etc. This function will capture the complete of a page, and the same to a scrolling screenshot, without any third-party extension. Let’s scroll down how to take a screenshot without an extension.

How to Take aFull-Sized Screenshot in Google Chrome

Here you can take a full-sized screenshot in Google Chrome on your Desktop or Mac in the following steps:

Steps to Take a Full-Sized Screenshot in Chrome

  1. You will need to open your Google Chrome
  2. Open any Web page you want to capture
  3. Go to the top right side corner and click on the Three Vertical dots
  4. Select the More Tools option from the menu
  5. Then click on the Developer Tools option (Alternative, way to open Developer tools Press Ctrl+Shift+I for Windows and Command+Shift+I for Mac OS
  6. Then click on the Three-dots icon from the top right corner pane
  7. Select Run Command (Alternative. Press Command+Shift+P on Mac OS and Ctrl+Shift+P on Windows.
  8. Go to the Command line and type Screenshot
  9. Then click on the Capture full-size screenshot from the available list of commands
  10. The image will Save automatically, but if you prompted to Save the image
  11. Then select the location on your PC and select Save option

Open Google Chrome, Click Menu, More Tools and Developer toolsClick Console, Three dots menu and Run Command optionSearch and Click Screenshot Capture full size screenshotsSave Screenshots of Google Chrome Web page

Important Note:

This function orfeature is ideal on sites with text-based content as opposed to web apps, aswill potentially only capture the viewable screen.

How to Edit theScreenshot Image

You can edit thescreenshots after saves on your system in the following steps:

  1. Open Image with a Photo Editor
  2. Crop as Wish
  3. Add Annotations
  4. Resize specific size
  5. Convert or Save as JPEG to PNG as you needed

Frequently PeopleAsk Questions

Here are some of the following questions frequently asked by people and we post with a simple reply for user guidance:

How do I Screenshot a whole page in Chrome without an extension?

Yes, you can Capture the Full-Size Screenshot image on Chrome without Extension in the given above share method for Windows and Mac OS systems.

How do I take ascreenshot of a whole page without scrolling?

To learn how to take a screenshot of a whole Web page in Google Chrome browser I share the best step by step method for your information.

How do you takescreenshots on Google Chrome?

Let’s show you thesimple, extension free and hassle-free shortcut for taking the whole screenshotin Google Chrome on Windows and macOS

  1. Press Ctrl-Shift-I Window or Cmd-Shift-I on a Mac OS
  2. Press Ctrl-Shift-P on Windows or Cmd-Shift-P on a Mac OS
  3. Type the word screenshot.

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