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ByUmar Ali – April 18, 2020Switch from basic version to standard Facebook

Do you know the basic Facebook version? Basic Facebook version second named called Mbasic. But most people are using the standard or regular version of Facebook too. However, you can switch between Basic Facebook and standard Facebook version anytime.

Here you can learn a step by step guide to enable Basic Facebook version on computer and mobile.

But don’t worry if you are browsing through an app or from any web browser. Because, for a better experience, Facebook launched the latest versions of its new applications Facebook Lite & Messenger. These applications will help those users who do not have high-speed internet connectivity or for those who do not have a high-end Smartphone.

However, users are still not happy with these applications. They opt for browsers on their mobiles to open Facebook. Facebook has two versions the Regular one and the Basic Version Basic. Let guide you about the basic FB: Enable Basic Version of FB on Mobile/PC.

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How to Switch Between Basic & Standard Facebook

In this article, I will teach you how you can quickly and easily switch from Mbasic or Basic Facebook to a Standard Facebook version with visual. How to switch back standard Facebook from basic Facebook. You can also use Facebook lite instead of the Basic Facebook version due to the general features. Facebook lite is one of the alternatives to Facebook to use it.

Let’s scroll down to know how to switch between these two versions of Basic and Standard in the following give ways.

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How to Switch from Standard Version to Basic Facebook

If you are using the standard version of the Facebook and due to no high-speed internet connectivity, you want to switch from the standard version to Basic Facebook. In case you have fulfilled the desired activity on the regular or standard Facebook versions. You maybe think of the Mbasic or Basic Facebook. Do not worry you can do as you wish anytime. To do so then you will need to follow the listed steps to do it.

  1. Open any browser Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc on your Desktop and mobile
  2. While the Standard Version Facebook opened
  3. Click and change the URL from facebook.com to m.facebook.com or mbasic.facebook.com
  4. Then press the Enter key on your Keyboard
  5. This way working on all mobile or PC having browsers support

Enable Basic Version Mbasic of Facebook

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How to Switch from Standard Version to Basic Facebook using Mobile

The way of switching from standard version to Basic Facebook version on mobile is the same as the windows computer or Desktop version.

  1. Go the browser on Standard version Facebook opened
  2. Simply tap in the Address bar of the browser(any browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, & Microsoft Edge)
  3. Change the URL from Facebook.com to mbasic.facebook.com or m.facebook.com
  4. Tap to reload the browser and then Basic Facebook will appear on your browser

Type Mbasic.Facebook.com and Three-dots

The page will reload once you change the URL in the browser, and Basic Facebook or Mbasic version will load up. If the standard Facebook version slows because of no high-speed internet then you can easily switch Basic Facebook.

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Switch From Basic Version to Standard Facebook Version

Using Basic version Facebook it doesn’t matter whatever the reasons. You want to switch from the Basic Facebook version to Standard Facebook on your mobile or computer. The Basic version or Mbasic version must be opened right? You will need to follow the given steps:

  1. Click on the ULR Address bar web browser
  2. Type or change mabasic.facebook.com to facebook.com or m.facebook.com
  3. Press the Enter key on your keyboard
  4. This way works on each PC and phone having browser support

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Switch from Basic Version to Standard Facebook using Different Web Browsers

You can browse to the lite version through Chrome, MS Edge, Opera, Firefox, etc on your PC

  1. Click in the Address bar of your browser
  2. Change the URL from mbasic.facebook.com to facebook.com
  3. Hit the Enter Key to reload the page
  4. Switch from Basic version to Standard version Facebook

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Switch From Basic Version to Standard Facebook Version on Mobile

You can browse to the lite version through Chrome browser, MS Edge, Firefox, etc on your PC or Mobile.

  1. Go to Basic Facebook via browser already opened
  2. Tap in the Browser address bar on mobile
  3. Change the URL from mbasic.facebook.com to facebook.com
  4. Press the Done option to reload the page
  5. You will switch from Mbasic version to standard Facebook version

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Frequently Ask Questions-FAQ

Here are the following frequently asked questions by different people and you might be interested to read it.

How do I switch to basic version of Facebook?

You can enable the Basic Version of Facebook on any browser. Simply visit your Facebook with any browser and click or tap in the URL or Address bar of the browser. Then change the facebook.com to mbasic.facebook.com and reload the page to switch to the basic version of Facebook.

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Switch to basic Version of FB or Facebook

Yes, you can turn on the basic Facebook version from the standard or regular version on your PC or Mobile or Smartphone and Desktop while using any web browser.

  1. Open any web browser on the phone
  2. Simple type the mbasic.facebook.com in the URL or address bar
  3. Then Sign In or Log In to your Facebook account (if not)
  4. Now tap Three-dots at the top right corner
  5. Tap on the Add to Home Screen option
  6. Next, type the Mbasic Facebook and then press the add button
  7. Then Add automatically or Touch and hold place manually

Type Mbasic, Tap Menu and Page option

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Facebook basic version for android

If you want to access Facebook’s basic version for android and sign in or log in to FB basic version. You will need to create an account or sign up or log into Facebook. To interact with family, friends and other people you know. Start sharing videos and photos, send messages and get updates.

Facebook basic mode

You can simply open any browser and type mbasic.facebook.com in the URL or address bar. Next press the enter key and Enter your email and password in the login or sign in Facebook boxes to open your Facebook basic mode. This method works for both on mobile and PC and has web browser support.

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How to change Facebook Classic View

If you want to change Facebook to classic view or New version desktop view from the Facebook old version. Here is how to change the Facebook classic view in the following steps:

  1. Open your Facebook Account with any web browser
  2. Log in to Facebook if not
  3. Select the Switch to Classic Facebook from the Drop-down menu
  4. You can back to old Facebook just select the Switch to Old Facebook from drop-down menu

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How to change Facebook to old version

On the New Facebook with browser and select the old Facebook version from the drop-down menu from the home page.

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