Submit Your Question to Google and Get Publisher Answer

Submit Question to Google Search

Google answers every question you are asking. And the search result shows a related answer to your queries. Ever wonder that sometimes Google search engine can’t answer your question?. Then it is likely, the search engine will ask you to submit your question and Google will forward to publishers to write related contents. In other words, and logically, there is no machine to determine the queries from human and start to answer one by one itself. But in reality, what search engine do, is to find the query from a crawl web page and show you the relevant result.

Sometimes, the user tries searching something unique that never get any publisher or public attention. And unlikely, there are no contents available on the web show it to the user. However, Google offers a new submit question tool to write your question. The queries forwarding to relevant publishers are anonymously and never getting into your personal details.

There is no direct access to submit your question to Google. However, you can access the tools to submit your question when trying to search for any query and Google didn’t find any relevant contents. You will get access to submit your question to share with publishers and get the answer. User will see form title “Get the answer that you’re looking for added to the web”. Refer to the followings steps shows how to submit your question.

  1. Open Google search page and post your question
  2. If no relevant contents, then type in the text box “What’s Your Question?“
  3. Click Submit to share the question with publishers

Whats your Question get Google publisher AnswerQuestion Submit

How Google Question Submit work

Submit your question to Google work and trigger the action when you can’t find the answer on in search result. Google asks you the missing information and your complete question to analyse. Then it provides it to the publishers who may interest in answering your question. When you search next time the question will appear in search result if answer post by the publisher.

However, the answer is not write and control by Google team. Answer to your question is the property of publisher and their contents on the their web pages. Google is just determining the contents to let you know the relevant answer to your question in search result.

Google Question Submit info

While submitting your question to Google, you don’t need to submit your personal information. These personal information is everything including your name, phone, email address and credit card details. Submit question offer just one text field to conclude exact question title only.

I submit my question to Google but where is the answer?

If you submit your question to Google search engine, it is likely, that Google forwards it to the relevant publisher anonymously. If they are interested to answer your question, then you will be able to see it in search result after a few days. However, there are no timelines since the contents provided by publishers but not from Google.

How many question you can submit to Google?

You can submit multiple questions as long as you didn’t find an answer to your question on the web result. There is no restriction against question submit to Google.

Which browser to use while adding new query

You can use any browser of your choice if it supports Google search result web pages. All modern browser support to show search engine web pages and tools to use submitting new questions.

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