Starting a Business Blog –

If you are planning to start a business blog then it will be a great way to boost your marketing techniques and make strong your online presence.

You decision to start a new blog helps you in a few ways, like:

  • Build an association with your potential customers or clients
  • Builds credibility
  • Position yourself as a specialist in your industry
  • Generate leads
  • Sets you special from your competitors
  • Improve search engine ranking of your business website when they are connected and the blog is regularly updated
  • Make a strong community nearby your service, product or brand

‘What should I blog about?’ It is big question that comes from business owners. Here are a few great ideas related to blog posts for a new blog or for more information you can click here for details.

1) You can write some blog posts that point out common questions or problems generally posed by people

2) New items or business trends in your industry

3) Best industry practices

4) Upcoming events, services or products

5) Business case studies

6) New clients or business that you have attained

7) Offline events, advertising or promotions

8) Reviews of product or services


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If you are searching most popular blogging platforms then these are Blogger or WordPress. Though, it is not suggested to use the free edition for your company blog. Get a devoted subdomain or domain name. After getting the domain name you need to install the blogging platform of your preference. You should carefully research the positive and negative of each before decide anything.

Blogging must be done on a regular basis. Most of the themes leave the date and time stamp on each and every post. So to look new, you must blog frequently to let viewers know that you are always posting new and fresh content. The timetable is depends on you. I would recommend between 1 or 2 times in a week.


The best news is that with the help of WordPress you can schedule your posts in advance. You can even be able to schedule your posts using some newsletter programs.

1) Build reliability: In case you have a business blog, it assists you to build credibility and trust among leads or prospects. Generally, the business website keeps static data regarding your team, listings, company etc. Though, a blog permits you to be more informal and give valuable details.

2) Makes you look more authentic and more approachable: It helps in your business growth. Blogs have special functionality of attracting visitors to make blog comments and everyone likes to be noticed. It adds incredible value and makes a favorable environment. It is even the simplest method for people to start a discussion with you or your company. When anyone starts a discussion, you can eagerly participate in that conversation. During your conversation, you should try your best to satisfy that particular person by answering their questions. It will be noticeable for other people too, so they can judge your creditability.