Some Effective Tips to Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Next Brand –

Your office address is something that helps you get identified by the customers, right? Domain names do the same job, except that everything happens in the world of internet. In a world of millions of websites, you’ve to keep a unique name, you know. As far as marketing is concerned, domain name is something more. It’s the identity of a brand in the world of web. Obviously, all the names we remember — be it, or —, had a few things common.Experienced marketers will find these elements and apply them when they have to purchase a domain name.

Don’t worry if you are a newbie marketer. Now that you have planned to choose a domain name for a brand, we have some tips. Most of these tips are general, and they have to deal with customer psychology and how you can make names stick on people’s minds. You should be quick, though, because there has been a huge growth in the demand for domain names.

1.Keep it Short; Keep it Sweet

Most people don’t have a remarkable memory. You need to keep this in mind while picking a domain name. Do you think Google would have been this popular if the domain name was It would not be, at least in this scenario. We know the decision depends upon the brand name too, but, then, brand names too should be shorter and sweeter. It’s okay if you want to use some keywords in the name — only if the addition doesn’t make the URL longer. At the maximum level, you can go up to 15 characters. Not a single character more isn’t appreciated.

2. Choose the right TLD

This is where most people make the biggest mistakes. TLD is something that helps people recognize the kind of website you have. The common TLDs are .com, .org, .info, .net, .edu and .gov. Apart from these, there are a few regional and niche-based TLDs too. Depending on the brand and the targeted customer group, you’ve to choose the right TLD. To make things easier, many domain registrars offer a ‘bulk’ domain name search with multitude TLD’s, as evidenced above.

For instance, if you have a 100% commercial brand, it would make sense for you to go with .com. On the other hand, if you have a non-profit, .org would be okay. The TLD available is also a variable that is influenced by the domain name registrar you’re contacting.

3. Stick onto Alphabets

Your brand name might have some special characters, but it’s not suitable when it comes to the case of one domain name. As we said, you have to make people remember the name quickly. Inclusion of numbers and special characters isn’t recommended here. So, for as long as possible, you must avoid the use of such options. We have seen some websites with hyphenated domain names, but they aren’t really memorable. So, even if you happen to use some numbers, don’t even think about adding hyphens into the URL. At the end of the day, people don’t want to press those special characters to access a website.

4. Include Keywords, if Possible

Here’s the thing about adding keywords in a domain name. it’s not really necessary if your brand is popular. The main objective of adding keywords is to enhance search engine visibility and attract more consumers into the business. If your brand receives most of its consumers via referrals or existing connections, we would not recommend the use of keywords. Otherwise, the healthy use of keywords is a way to success. Then, you must keep in mind that the domain name should be short. If you think the inclusion of keyword will exceed the 15-character limit, it’s better not to do that.

5. Never Infringe any Trademark; Always Stay Safe

Trademarks are much dangerous than you think. Even some of the most common words are trademarked by some particular companies or brands. Before you proceed, you need to make sure that your domain name is not violating any of those trademarks. If that’s the case, there is a high chance of getting sued. This is more of a safety tip than selection procedure. You can use some official tools to see if there are some trademarks related to the selected text. What happens in most cases is that brands don’t initially give a darn about these copyright infringements and end up being forced to change their brand name itself.


6. Use Third-Party Tools

Do you know that there are some effective third-party tools for domain name selection? On top of all, there are a few tools for finding domain name ideas. You just have to provide your concept and the website would suggest possible and available domain names for you. Using other tools, you can see if the brand name can be registered on other social media platforms, say Facebook or Twitter. However, no matter what the tool you use, the domain registration should be through a trusted registrar. And, it’s great if you can go with one company that offers domain names as well as Web Hosting needs.

Wrapping Up

With these tips, you can surely choose the best domain name for your brand. The reason why we have not included any specific example is the wide variety of domain names. So, what you can do is to understand the requirements of your brand and make the right selection.