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Do you want to login to Discord web app, but have no idea about how to? Then, this article might be helpful to you, because we are going to guide you on ways to login to Discord.

But before that, we will fill you up on what is Discord.

Discord is a free VOIP and social media service platform designed for gamers. And it is fairly easy to use and better than most communication applications like Skype or TeamSpeak. Many online communities aside from the gaming ones also exist in Discord.

Discord alsoallows user customizations in the servers. So, users can create their own servers. To learn more about discord, you can go to the official Discord website.

Now, we will talk about How to Download, Login To Discord Web App and Recover Discord Account.



How To Create A Discord Login Account?

Creating a Discord login account is fairly simple with the steps mentioned below. But before that, you will need a valid email address to proceed any further. And if you don’t have an email address, don’t worry, you can create a new Gmail account with ease. Now let us guide you through steps to create Discord login account.

  • Firstly,click here to go to the Discord account creation site. Or just type on your web browser.
  • Enter your new discord email address on the box indicating Email.
  • Then enter a Username of your choice. If you are a gamer it is better to use a username similar to your IGN (In-Game-Name).
  • Now enter a strong password.
  • Click on the Continue button after you have entered all of the details as shown above. You can check Discord’s Terms of Service by clicking on the Terms of Service text on the bottom.

login-to-discord- create an account

  • Thereafter, you will be logged into the browser version of discord as shown in the picture below.

login to discord-add friend

  • Here you can add your friends that are already in discord by entering their Discord Tag on the Box. (The red arrow is pointing towards your own Discord Tag.)

How To Join a Discord Server?

  • To join or create communities on Discord, Click on the + Button as shown in the picture below.

login to discord-games

  • After that, a pop up will open as shown below. Where you can start creating your own server by clicking the CREATEa Server button or join one by clicking the JOIN a Server button.

login to discord- another server

  • After you click the JOINa Server button. Another pop up will open asking you to enter the link to the server. And if you are joining a known server ask the member of the server for an invite link. And paste it on the box. (If you have the Discord application installed you do not need to manually enter the link to join servers)

login to discord- join a server

  • Now, click on the GreenJoin button to enter the server after you have entered the invite link.

How To Download Discord On PC or Mac OS X?

Discord PC can be used optimally through the application. However, the browser version of the Discord app is buggy and not reliable for extended use. But the application will provide notifications and messages directly to the computer which allows you to be reliably up to date.

The download links for the Discord App on different platforms are mentioned below.

Download Discord for Windows PC

Discord Download for Mac OS X

Download Discord for Linux deb

Download Discord for Linux tar.gz

For Discord to work properly on Macs, your OS X should be 10.10 Yosemite or higher. For Windows, you are recommended to have a 64 bit OS.

How To Download And Login To Discord on Mobile Platforms Android and iOS?

Discord can also be installed on your mobile phones, Android and iOS for seamless usage. Click on the link mentioned below according to your mobile platform to download Discord for your mobile.

Download Discord for iOS (iPhones), Or you can search for Discord in the Apple app store.

Download Discord on Androids, Or you can apply the former method for this as well.

Login To Discord Mobile Application

  • After successfully downloading and installing Discord for Mobile. While opening the app, it should look similar to the picture shown below.

login to discord- mobile

  • Now, click on the login button to proceed. To log in enter your email address and password correctly as shown below. Click on the eye icon to check if you have entered your password correctly.

(You can also register into a Discord account.The steps are similar to the steps explained on how to create a Discord login account section mentioned above in the article).

Login To Discord: Simple Guide To Download, Login & Recover Web App

  • Finally, click on the LOGIN button. After which you will be able to see your Discord feed.
  • To browser or switch servers click on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner. This will show you the servers you have joined, your friends section and the channels of the server that you have currently selected.

Login To Discord: Simple Guide To Download, Login & Recover Web AppLogin To Discord: Simple Guide To Download, Login & Recover Web App

How To Recover Discord Login Account?

If you forget your Discord passwords, then the account recovery process in Discord is very simple. But you will need to have the access to the email address attached to your Discord account at the time of creation.

The steps required to recover your Discord account are mentioned below:

Login To Discord: Simple Guide To Download, Login & Recover Web AppLogin To Discord: Simple Guide To Download, Login & Recover Web App

  • After you have carefully entered your new password. Click on the Change Password button. Congratulation, your password has been changed and your account has been recovered.

Once you start using Discord you will start to know about the different features. But for a beginner this guide is sufficient.

If there are any questions regarding any of the above-mentioned topics, comment below to let us know about your issue(s). And let us help you. For more tech articles and guides do follow our website. You can also follow us on our social media platforms to be informed about our new articles.

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