Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp Android iOS

Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp

Facebook and WhatsApp both are popular social platforms around the world. Because of their active users and owned by one company. In the last year, Facebook has been given importance to the video platform to the options for choosing the quality or save a video. But both are famous platforms for videos, photos sharing and still not connected. The options of sharing a Facebook video to WhatsApp on Android devices remain a nearly impossible task. So, if you also among those users and want to share Facebook videos or images on cross-platform. Then you will not find any direct option for it.

In this post, the discussion about how to share a FB video to WhatsApp on your Android phone device. Then scroll down and read the best methods. That how to Share Facebook Video to WhatsApp on your mobile or android phone and handset.

Share Facebook Video to WhatsApp on Android or iOS you don’t know

Here are theways for the Android or iPhone users to understand the tips on how to shareFacebook video on WhatsApp with below-given methods:

Share Facebook Video Manually on WhatsApp

You will learn manually method to share FB video on your WhatsApp on Android or iOS devices. Then you need to walk on the following steps:

  1. Tap to open your WhatsApp on your device
  2. Then find your Contact with whom you want to share the video
  3. Tap on the Attachment icon
  4. Choose the Video from the gallery and select the video that you downloaded from Facebook
  5. Finally, tap on the Send option to share on WhatsApp

This method iscommonly used for sharing videos and images on WhatsApp with friends and familymembers abroad.

Share Facebook videos on WhatsApp Using a Third-party App

Let’s show you the method to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp while using a third app. You need to first download and install a third-party app with the name of HD video download for FB. Then that you can forward a Facebook video to WhatsApp on the mobile devices. If you want to enable the app to directly download Facebook videos to your device. Then share them with your contacts on WhatsApp. Here are the steps on how to do it:

  1. Open the HD Videos Downloader
  2. Tap to Sign in to your FB account (Not compulsory)
  3. You can copy the link from your Facebook App
  4. Find a video you want to download from Facebook
  5. Then tap on the vide to Activate the Playback bar on the app
  6. Next, tap on the Download SD or Others Qualities
  7. Give the Name of the Video as per your preference and tap download option to save it to your Phone memory or Memory Card (SD card) on your android or iOS device
  8. Tap to Open the Video from the save location and then tap on the Share option
  9. Select the WhatsApp and choose to open the Chat to whom you want to share
  10. After that, tap on the Send option
  11. Finally, you will share Facebook video on WhatsApp with your friends or Groups

Tap on the App and Log in to your FacebookTap on Three dotsPress the Play icon on the videoTap on the Download SD optionNext Tap on the download optionTap to open the Video Again to Share Facebook VideosChoose the Option OpenSelect the Share Option and Share Facebook VideosChoose WhatsApp option and Share Facebook VideosSelect the Person and tap the Send option & Share Facebook Videos

How to Share Facebook videos to WhatsApp on yourComputer

If you want to forward Facebook Videos to WhatsApp onWindows or Mac install on your PC and you want to do this then proceed asfollows:

  1. Open your on your browser
  2. Then log in to your Account with FB credentials
  3. Search your videos that you want to Share on WhatsApp
  4. Click on the video to play it and copy the URL or Link from the address bar
  5. Open your on your PC
  6. Then click to open Chat with the person you want to share then Past the link
  7. Finally, click on the Send option

How do I share a Facebook video on Whatsapp?

Yes, you can share Facebook videos on WhatsApp in the following below steps:

  1. Open your Facebook account on your PC
  2. Then click on your Video that you want to share on WhatsApp
  3. Next, copy the Link from the Address bar
  4. Then open the app
  5. Past the copy link in the Past URL box and then tap on the download option
  6. Once the downloading process finish
  7. Then Open the
  8. After that open Chat with a person and Past the link
  9. Finally, click on the Send option

You can also transfer the video after downloading it to your phone and share it with WhatsApp contacts.

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