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ByUmar Ali – February 18, 2020WhatsApp Self Destructive Message

Do you know how to send self-destructive messages on WhatsApp on Android? The self-destructive Message feature is still under development. The App may be not available for all Android users to see any update notification on their Google Play Store. The feature is available for the Beta version number 2.19.348. Those users who have enrolled themselves in the Google Play beta program can get the latest version. Alternatively, the user can update the application manually by downloading it from the APK available on the APK Mirror platform. WhatsApp has changed the name of the feature to Delete Messages from the Disappearing Messages before the official rollout.

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Highlights of SelfDestructive Message Feature

Here are some ofthe highlights of Self destructive message feature below:

  1. WhatsApp is planning to develop a feature to add auto delete or disappearing messages to its platform
  2. WhatsApp will be Deleting or Disappearing messages will hide in Five seconds or One hr
  3. The same feature is also available in Gmail and Telegram
  4. It will be initially available for WhatsApp Group Chats and only the admins can be enabled it
  5. The Function can be toggled in Group Settings or Contact Info
  6. User can choose among the Five option for time intervals like 1 hr, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year

How to Send SelfDestructive Messages on WhatsApp on Android

After sending a message or a Secret Message over an instant messaging app like Facebook, WhatsApp or other apps, you lose control over it. If you want to make safe and secure than it needed Self-Destructing messaging app or Best Encrypted Messaging App. So the Application can delete the sent message permanently after the set a number of views or period.

You can also call it a messaging application that can create a Self-Destructing Message. There are numbers of Applications available but we can use one the Best Self-Destructing Messaging Application named Safe Message.

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How to Get the Send Safe Message App on iOS and Android?

You can get Safe Message App from Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store on the iOS device. So you can download and install this app on your iPhone devices as well as Android.

What are the Features of the Send Safe Message App?

Here are some of the best apps for sending the self-destructive messages on WhatsApp for your Android or iOS (iPhone) device. Then I will recommend you the Safe Message App because of their main features to download and install on your Smartphone device.

Features of the Send Safe Message App

  1. When you install this app then no Registration or Sign-Up required, just tap to open and share your message on Safe Message App
  2. That you can Share or Send any type of message it can be videos, images, and text messages.
  3. Through this app, you can share immediately your Secret message with Instant Messaging application Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, or in Email, SMS, etc.
  4. If you can see the secure message, the recipient does not need to install this application on their Smartphone.
  5. You can Control and Restrict your secrete message with Period e.g. No. of Views or Day, Hour, Minutes, Seconds.
  6. Your secure message can be Tracked through this app whether it is destructed or not

How to SendSelf-Destructive Message on WhatsApp on Smartphone

You can send a self-destructive message on multiple messaging apps via this app. You will learn in this post only for WhatsApp. Go ahead with step by step instructions to do it:

Steps to Send Self-destructive Messages on WhatsApp

  1. Go to the Google Play Store on your Mobile phone
  2. Download and Install Private Message app on your Device
  3. Allow the Application to access your device Gallery & Camera Roll. Through which you can send and share your Video/Photos from your Smartphone using this application
  4. Type Your Message and you can also Take or Add Photo
  5. Tap on the WhatsApp icon and select an Individual or Group chat
  6. Tap on the Send icon and then tap the send option again
  7. The message will be sent and the Recipient will receive this message in the form of a Link
  8. To see your Private message the receiver have to just tap on it and then it will open directly with a default browser
  9. The message will Completly Destroy after the seen of recipient automatically

How To Send Self Destructive Message On WhatsAppSend Self Destructive Message On WhatsApp

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