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Large Video files WhatsApp

Did you know that how to send large videos file on WhatsApp while using iOS or iPhone devices? This app has a lot of features like sending text messages, photos, videos, and making video or voice calling with individual or group/conference. The WhatsApp users can also block or unblock contacts that are annoying them have full control. If you want to send large videos on WhatsApp while using your iPhone device. So possibly you can gain the peak of this App on your iOS device.

You cansend a video with a size up to sixteen MB on your WhatsApp on any phone device.These limits keep by WhatsApp for video files to send and to keep the networkintact. Before this limitation, you can send up to twelve MB file of the video.However, this is no matter but you can still send a Large size of the video onWhatsApp from your iOS or iPhone device. If you want to how to do it thenfollow the tips below for your guidance.

Using ofThird-Party App to Send Large Videos from iPhone on WhatsApp

Here are the steps that how to send big videos (more than 16MB cap) from iPhone on WhatsApp with using a third-party app compressor. The following steps are described below one by one:

  1. Go to your App Store on your iPhone, then download and install a third-party video compressor app
  2. Then tap to open the Video Compressor app on your device
  3. Next, choose the Video you want to send on WhatsApp
  4. You need to select the video range file size by tap the Target Size option
  5. Through the sliding, you can Increase or Decrease the rang of vide but keep it below 16 MB for sending on WhatsApp
  6. Next, tap on the Save or Convert option and wait till the app compress the video to finish the process
  7. After that, open your WhatsApp and tap to open the Contact or group you want to share the video
  8. Tap on the Attachment option and select the compressed video from Video Library
  9. Now WhatsApp will Able to send the complete video file size according to the permissible limit
  10. Finally, tap the Send option to do the process

Large Video on WhatsAppLarge Video on WhatsApp using iPhone device

UsingFiles App to send Big Videos on WhatsApp from iPhone Device

Ifyou don’t like to use the third-party compressor app of video or maybe youdon’t like the quality of the compressed video with app. However, might use thesecond method to able you to send the large size of videos on WhatsApp on youriPhone device in the following steps:

  1. Tap to open the Main Menu page on your iPhone device
  2. First, tap on the Video and Send it to the Files App
  3. Then select the Video and then tap on the Share option will appear with that video
  4. After that, you need to Save the Files and the option will under the iCloud Drive drop down to save the video
  5. So the Video file will be moved from Photos App to a specific location
  6. Next, Open your WhatsApp
  7. Tap to Open a Conversation or Person to whom you want to send
  8. Select the Attachment option and Choose the File Document
  9. Now tap on Browse to navigate the File Explorer and search the video which you want to share
  10. Choose the video and press the Send option
  11. Finally, the video will be sent as a Document to a person or group on WhatsApp

Send Large video Using File app

The above both methods will helpful for you to send or sharea handful of by following the steps in the methods. If the video compressor isdeploying a video then you need to download the app from the App Store and notfrom any other third-party.

Frequently Ask Question by People

Here are some frequently ask a question by people and with ashort reply to these questions.

What is the maximum video size for WhatsApp?

You can upload a video not more than 16 MB on your WhatsApp and send it to the friends. For this purpose, you will need to use third-party app services. There are many free cloud upload services are available for this.

How can I send large files on WhatsApp?

You can send the large file less than 128MB on WhatsApp with your friends in the following steps:

  1. Tap to share the video into the file storage by using Share menu with iTunes or any other suitable means
  2. Next tap to open WhatsApp and open a Conversation where you want to send the video
  3. Then tap on the + icon near to the Chat bubble
  4. Finally, select the Document file and tap on the Send option

What is the longest video you can send on WhatsApp?

For most of the phones, you can send the video of 16 MB on WhatsApp will equal about 90 seconds or three minutes of video. If you select the Large video of more than 16 MB from the existing videos then you will need to trim the length of the video before going to send it.

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