Schedule a post on your Facebook Profile or Page on Mobile or desktop

ByUmar Ali -June 24, 2020

Do you know how to schedule a post on your Facebook page or profile from desktop or phone? Facebook allows users to stay on top of their content calendar by scheduling posts on Facebook ahead of time. You are able to schedule posts on Facebook from a desktop PC or the Facebook Pages Manager app in a few steps. To use third party programs like Hootsuite is the best to help you stay organized and schedule posts.

You can post video, text, and picture on Facebook with your family, friends, and followers. It is the best social media platform around the world for promotes yourself and business by using FB page, Facebook marketplace, and Facebook shop. You can create a Facebook page, groups, & events to interact with other people worldwide.

If you are using a Facebook brand page then you need to create a content calendar that will help you to create a consistent voice and posting schedule. And keep the line up your post ahead of time will save you the stress of requiring to post in the moment of daily basis (Timely or otherwise with the exception of unique publication)

You can use the Facebook and app and other third-party apps like Hootsuite to schedule your FB posts on both. You can easily keep track of what you schedule, and edit posts as you might require in the coming days.

Let’s show you how to schedule a post on your Facebook on desktop, mobile app, and third-party service.

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How to Schedule a Facebook Post on Computer

To schedule a Facebook post on desktop computer then follows the given instructions:

  1. Open your Facebook Account on Desktop computer
  2. Visit your Facebook Page
  3. Click to start creating a new post like share a photo or writing your status, or link as you usually would
  4. Before going to select the Share Now option, however, move your mouse cursor in the location of the small arrow next to Share Now underneath News Feed
  5. Select the Schedule option among the few options from the drop-down menu
  6. Let’s choose your Specific date and time from the pop-up calendar for the post to go out
  7. When you indicate the Time and date then click the Schedule option. Your post will then same as this.
  8. Remember the Later means the post will not go up right away
  9. This indicates that you have successfully fix it. Just make sure to press the Schedule Post to finalize all the things

Create a Post, Tap Share Now, and select Schedule optionChoose date and Time Then Click on Schedule ButtonClick on the Schedule Post Button

You will be able to view “1 Scheduled Post” or try refreshing your page on your FB main page. Select the See post for more details.

After that, you should see your future scheduled posts in one place. From here you can keep track of all the things, and also delete or edit posts that you have scheduled.

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How to schedule Facebook posts on Mobile App

Let’s show how to schedule FB posts working from Android or iOS devices while using the Facebook Pages Manager app. Here are these steps to follow:

  1. Tap on the Facebook Pages Manager on your phone
  2. Press the Publish option
  3. Start to write your status, add any media or links
  4. Tap on the Continue option
  5. Now tap on the When will this be published?”
  6. Then choose to schedule the post by pressing Schedule Later from here. The blue checkmark should be on that field
  7. You will get a scroll through the menu where you can select the time and date for the post to go live
  8. When tap on the Done option you will see the next screen the same to the screen before the time and date menu.
  9. This time, however, the “When will this be published” Field will read “Scheduled for later.
  10. Press the Schedule to finish

Go Facebook Page, Select Create Post, Publish Options, and Schedule LaterChoose to Change Scheduled Date and Time and OKSelect the Set Date and Tap on the Schedule option

After that, your post will now be read to scheduled to go up at the choose date and time. Remember that when you schedule something on the Facebook Page Manager app you should be able to view it in the desktop under your list of scheduled posts. This makes it easy and simple to keep track of all the things in one location.

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How to schedule Facebook posts With third-party posting services

Let’s show teach you how to use the third-party schedule Facebook postings services and programs like Hootsuite. Here are these steps to follow.

  1. First, you will need to connect your social channels to the third-party service
  2. Just start to create a new post
  3. Make sure that you choose the exact page you wish to the post to be published on (In the Post to section”
  4. When you do the typing your status and insert or add any media
  5. Then select Schedule for Later
  6. A calendar option will pop up to you and choose the date and time for the post to go live
  7. When everything is looking fine then press the Schedule option
  8. After that, you can find and see this post under the Planner tab section to the corresponding date and time will leave it

When you change your mind and want to unscheduled a post, you can always save it as a draft folder and keep it for later. Or you can easily edit the time and date on a previously-scheduled post to shift your content calendar just slightly. These tools make it simple to keep track of your posts or content throughout your busy days.

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How to see and edit scheduled page posts on Facebook on desktop

If you want to see and edit the scheduled page posts on Facebook then you will need to follow the given-below steps:

  1. Open your Facebook with any browser
  2. Log in to your Facebook Account
  3. Go to your Facebook page
  4. Select the Publishing Tools tab from the top of your screen
  5. Click on the Scheduled Posts option in the left side panel
  6. Now select the Scheduled post you want to edit
  7. Click on the Action Drop-down menu under the Post detail
  8. Select one of the options from the drop-down menu such as Publish, Reschedule, Cancel Schedule, Backdate, Delete, & Create Ads.

Go to Publish Tool, Select Scheduled PostsClick on the Actions drop down and select Your Option

So you can easily manage your scheduled post in the above steps.

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How do I schedule a post and manage scheduled posts for my Facebook Page?

You can schedule a post and manage already scheduled posts on your Facebook page in the following steps:

Schedule a Post on New and Classic Facebook

To schedule a post for new and classic Facebook design have similar steps to follow:

  1. Open your Facebook Account
  2. Click on your page
  3. Select the Publishing Tools from the left side column
  4. Press +Create option in the top right
  5. Start creating your post by type your status and add any media
  6. Click on the Share Now and select the Schedule option
  7. Below the Publication, choose the date and time when you desired the post to publish and press Schedule option

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Manage Scheduled Posts Using New or Classic Facebook Design

To reschedule, edit or delete a scheduled post on your New or Classic Facebook design have similar steps to follow

  1. Open your Facebook account
  2. Visit your Page
  3. Click on the Publishing Tools in the left side column
  4. Under Posts, select the Scheduled Posts option
  5. Press the Post you want to edit
  6. Click on the Edit to edit the post, or click the drop-down menu option to choose to Publish reschedule or delete it option

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How to schedule a post on Facebook app

You can schedule a post on Facebook app on your mobile by tap to open your Facebook app>Go to your Facebook page>Create Post>type your status and add any media>Publishing Tools>Select the Schedule option>Choose date and time>Set Date option> Finally tap on Schedule option.

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