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ByUmar Ali – March 18, 2021Online Dating Red Flags You Shouldn't Ignore

Do you know the five online dating red flags you should not ignore? In this article let me show you the tips to stay safe online. Nowadays more than forty million adult people are using online dating websites and perhaps 1 in 5 of all romantic relationships start online, it pays to be mindful of red flags once you searching for love over the internet. The dating website has gone from something that was scoffed at to a famous platform for meeting people. There are online dating websites that cater to niche audiences, such as well mega-sites, like,, eHarmony, and Tinder.

To hate it or love it, online dating is here to stay. In this post, we focus on online dating red flags you should not ignore in your quest for the perfect date.

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Online dating Apps and Sites Offer opportunities to:

  • Decrease Social isolation
  • Meet someone outside your circle whom you might never meet otherwise
  • In doing so, compare your people and refine your ideas about what you are looking for
  • Find people effectively with your features and qualities
  • Find a compatible long-term partner
  • Grow and learn about yourself in the process

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Not All People is Really Looking For Love

To be aware, there are many scammers out there. They benefit from the people who search for love and will try to greed them away from online dating sites and over to nefarious enterprises and other phishing sites.

Employ bots technologies to make their dirty work like scammers and make it harder to tell real people from fake ones.

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Not Responding Your Questions Directly

Let’s me tell you about the first red flag on online dating site. Many scammers use bot technology or programs that copy human communication to con peoples into divulging personal information or visiting dangerous websites. The main issue is, bots do not think. And, bots do not chat well, excluded for some of the robust chatterbots.

If you ask a question from a bot, it may be unable to give you a straight reply. It may look at keywords in your message and respond you something related. Still, it will not be a straight reply. In case the user you are talking to does not reply to your questions straight or directly, ask them or it something particular to view if it comes back with another generic response.

The above will help you fix in case you are dealing with a scammer or a bot who does not wish to put in the effort needed to care on chatting or conversation.

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Wanting To Know Your Location

Not everyone should ask for your address upfront. This could be part of a phishing scam or something bad. Until you recognize someone, never give out your location. Once you agree to meet, neutral public places with a lot of people are best for meeting someone new. Always tell a friend what your goals are and in case your plans change.

Trying To Move You Off Of The Dating Website

It is the target of a scammer to enter you of the online dating website and onto their website so they can get what they wish from you, whether it is your personal information or credit card information, or something else. Expect them to direct you to a phone number, website, or email address of their choosing. They often do this in the first 5 messages.

They will take some time to build a rapport with you, but slowly, they show you their true intention and close the deal by enticing you to contact them or click a link offsite. This is not to say that everyone who tries to give you their contact number is a scammer, but it is a red flag and should add you on alert to aware of other indications of danger.

Getting Too Personal Too Fast

In case ask for very personal information that seems out of context, they could be trying to phish you for personal questions that they could use for identity theft purposes. Do not share your personal information like birthdate with unknown people. It is one of the dangerous pieces of information they required to set up an account in your name.

Generic Or Thin Account Profiles

Maybe your online dating profile has short information and weak other than a generic description like the cliche “I love to laugh,” it could be a red flag that they use a pre-recorded cut and past scam profile info. Just check out some tips and tricks on how to spot a fake friend request, as many of the similar tips work in this condition.

You Constantly Feel Unhappy

This may sound clear, but in case you are feeling sad most of the time in your relationship, it is probably an indication that something went wrong.
The basic signs that a relationship is not right can be quite subtle, according to counselor Holly Roberts, but if you have a niggling feeling that you just are not ever happy and there is no joy shared between your partner and you, then it might not be the good relationship for you.

You Partner Always Wants Their Own Way

Indeed, once you are in a relationship it is normal for you both to get involved with the other person’s hobbies, interests, and friends. But in case you find that you are always doing what your partner wishes to do and not what you wish to do, it could be a sign of concern says, Holly. “This might be a sign of controlling behavior,” Holly explains, particularly in case your pare partner is subtly or outwardly stopping you from doing the things you wish to.

What should you do if you put red flags in your relationship?

“If you see warning signs that your online relationship is not quite as happy as you think it should be, then try to chat to your fellow about what you are feeling,” says Holly. This might be helpful in case you wish to settle some small problems that you imagine make your relationship better.

However, in case the ref flags that you spot are pointing towards a toxic or unhealthy relationship, or you feel not protect, then the safest and healthiest thing to do might be the end the relationship

In case you see that your relationship is extremely offensive and insulting, you can get access out for assistance from organizations like Women’s Aid and Relate, or call The Freephone 24 hours National Domestic Abuse Helpline, run by Refuge on 0808 2000 247.

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