Reasons Behind Increasing Popularity of Flat Web Designs and Logos

Just like in the fashion, trends come and go in the web design world as well. Trends of layouts of websites and logos of brands change all the time. Some trends just come and while others have a more profound effect and stay around for a long time. Going with the flow of the latest trends is important. One trend that has been making waves is flat logo designs. It has become popular and can be seen in logo designs as well as web designs. It seems like it is a trend that is going to stick around for some time. Several popular companies are adapting it.

What is flat design?

Wikipedia characterizes it as a design that promotes simplicity and it does not have any sign of 3 D effect. It means that there will be no drop shadow textures, depth or gradients, etc. Favorite brands are going towards flat logos again and giving up on complex or skeuomorphism.

Famous names going for flat designs

One of the biggest companies that were ahead of everybody else in going towards flat logo is Apple. The new simple logo made the design famous. With the launching of iOS 7, the shift of the company towards flat design. They decided to go for the model at the right time.

Appleā€™s inclination towards flat design led to it the exposure of this design and more brands started to incline towards adopting flat designed logos. The Internet and tech companies were the most open towards flat designs. Facebook is also another famous brand that has a flat layout. Google also has opted the flat design for its logos.

Benefits of flat logos or designs

Flat logos have gained popularity because they have several advantages to offer. The benefits provided by them are stylistic and practical. Here are some of the advantages:


A flat design provides a clean and tidy look because its emphasis is on minimalism and simplicity. A simple logo is the best way of communicating the theme and name of the brand more efficiently. It is very effective in engaging and connecting customers.

Works better on mobile

The flat design is more mobile-friendly as compared to complex designs. Everybody these days owns a cell phone, so it is important that the design of your website or its logo is user-friendly. A flat design works more smoothly with the mobiles. With the development in designing and coding, the significance of flat design.

Creating harmony

Flat designs are intended to make minimalism and skeuomorphism aspects work together. Flat design provides balance, and it is more inviting and approachable. It is friendly because the interface is clear and engaging. It is a design that has no visual elements to show their functionality. It is not restrictive and easy to use.

Perfect for Great UX

It is a design that is adaptable to the considerations of usability. It gets rid of useless styling which increases the speed and gives clean codes. It offers the smooth system adaptability.

Making an impression with bold and vibrant colors

With flat design logo, you can use vibrant colors to make a good impact. It is not just a stylistic decision. The design is also preferred because of the need. In a flat design, there are no drop shadows or any gradients, so you have to use colors to indicate the borders. You can create explicit boundaries by using contrasting colors. You can use loud colors to increase the contrast.

User-centric design

The flat designs are not just minimalist but also user-centric. It is flourishing because of its usability. Overdesigning results in uncertainty and confusion. Design should be balanced, and a simple layout can provide that balance. Users should be able to understand the content.

Easy to represent

Serving flat designs across different platforms is easy. It is suitable to be represented on platforms of different sizes. A good logo will be easily recognizable. The purpose of a logo is that it can communicate with the customers.

Fast loading speed

One of the biggest benefits of flat designs is that it allows the pages to load faster. The users will not be annoyed because the page fails to load correctly. The fast loading is essential for increased traffic on the website. By changing a complex 3 D logos to simple logos can increase the loading speed significantly.

The purpose of the simple design is to accept the constraints of computerized encounters. It also helps in getting rid of limitations of skeuomorphism. On the screen nothing is going to appear entirely three dimensional so why not put all your efforts in a simple an original design. There is no need to go for the deceptive designs because they are unnecessary. The speed of the site becomes fast by shedding unnecessary styling. If you are sure that a simple, flat logo is beneficial for your brand, then select one for your brand. You can hire a professional to design your logo or use a free logo generator.