Quote Reply Facebook Messenger to Specific Messages

quote reply Facebook Messenger Message

In this article, you will learn about how to quote a reply on the Facebook messenger to a specific message. The most useful social networks in the world are Facebook and half of the world community communicates with each on Facebook service. The users share their update posts, photos, videos and messages with their families and friends all around the world. One of the best features of the person chatting is a messenger. Through you can send personal messages, photos, videos, GIFs and can make a call to the specific person you want.

You may know a similar option while using WhatsApp group. When you reply to a specific text from a specific person in a group. You just simply slide the text and type your reply. However, the other user could easily notice your reply to which exact text.

Chatting instantly and live with friend may don’t need. But if you are taking a break and can’t answer instantly, then you need to pick a text to reply specifically.

Send Specific Messages with Quote Reply in Facebook Messenger

Like WhatsApp Facebook also started updating Messenger features. So that users of the Messenger can send quoted replies to specific messages. Make it easier to keep on track of things in especially for larger group conversations. The ability Quoted replies sending is very simple. Tap and hold on the particular message that you would like to send a reply and press the arrow reply to the right-side of the selection of reaction Emoji shape.

Steps to Quote Reply a Specific Message in Facebook Messenger

  1. Open your Facebook Messenger App
  2. Tap on any Friend or Group to open
  3. Then tap to Hold the Specific message want to send Quote reply
  4. Next tap on the Arrow appear at the right side
  5. Finally, Type your message and press Send option

Open Facebook Messenger and Tap Friend or GroupTap the Arrow to Quote Reply the MessageQuote Reply to A Message

If you take your mobile phone to a barrage of scattered messages and now want to reply to individual messages. Then hold down the specific message, in adding simply addition reaction. So you will be able to send a reply with a new “reply” button. It will show a quoted version of the previous original message to your response. And then threaded messages permit you to do this more concisely. You cannot only reply is text message but you will be able to quote video, GIFs, emoji and photo messages.

Is this feature useful in Messenger

This feature in messenger is very pretty and straightforward. That fellow FB-owned messaging application for a while what’s up has already offered. So it makes sense that FB would bring it to Messenger.

The owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg decided that FB would integrate the messaging infrastructure of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. So the users could forward messages seamlessly between network services. The Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp addition messages replies are more closely aligns with the service and ready for grand merger.

In case you do not find the new feature in FBmessenger yet just be smart as it could take some days for the update to arriveon your mobile phone.

How do you quote a message on messenger?

If you want to quote a message on your mobile version of U Messenger. Search the message and tap-hold the message. You want to quote/reply in a group or chat room and press the reply arrow at the right side. So then Type your reply and send it with a quoted message. You will see your reply attached to the previous message.

Why can’t I reply to a message on Facebook Messenger?

If you are unable to send messages replies on Facebook Messenger. There are several reasons which make you problems in reply to a conversation. You also can download an updated version of your Messenger app and connected it to the internet. So there are the following reasons one by one below

  1. Maybe the person Blocked by you or They have Blocked you
  2. The account or person maybe Delete or deactivated
  3. IF you are sending a reply to the person in the group may be the person already Left the conversation or group
  4. Check your Internet connection may be your not connected

How do I set up an auto-reply on messenger?

If you want to set up an auto-reply on your messenger app then follow the instruction below

  1. Open your Messenger
  2. Click the Settings option on the top your page
  3. Select the Messaging option from the left column
  4. Click the Yes option beside “below send instant replies to everyone who messages your Page
  5. If you want to change the Instant replay message option then click the Change option
  6. Finally, Update the Message and then click the Save option

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