Proven Ways to Improve Traffic of Your WordPress Blog –

Building a website is only half of the work. If you have specific goals to accomplish you’ll still have to put a lot of efforts into it. The key to reaching all of your goals , whether it’s to improve conversions, boost your sales, or engage your visitors, is generating traffic. In fact, traffic is the lifeblood of every website and is the key to its success.

Generating traffic can sometimes be a daunting task. It’s challenging to get people to your door, it’s even harder to get the targeted audience. However, before you get upset about it, I have some good news for you. There are proven ways to work out there , backed by research and stats, that can help you drive traffic and target the right audience.

Here are some of them.

Visual Content


There is no doubt that content is king, however, pages of seemingly endless texts and paragraphs tend to bore visitors. On the contrast, visual data is processed faster by the brain than text and has the potential to increase user retention on your website. Incorporating visuals like images, infographics, gifs, and videos into your posts and pages will help you attract a lot more attention and traffic and keep your visitors engaged along the way.

If your website uses a lot of images and videos,make sure to check out WordPress Photo Gallery plugin. It’s a versatile gallery plugin, which allows you to organize images and videos on your site into galleries and albums, and also enables you to sell digital images and printings right from your website.There are many beautiful view options for galleries and albums, which are fully customizable. The plugin comes with an advanced lightbox which plays the files in a slideshow with 15 transition effects. Here is a link to the plugin demo.

Website optimization

Website optimization is the key to getting more traffic. Using relevant keywords, image tags and descriptions will help you get featured on the first pages of search results and will ultimately bring more people to your website. If you’re not quite familiar with site optimization, give Yoast SEO a try. It will take proper care of your website optimization and help it get better rankings and more visitors.



Tracking and analyzing blog stats is crucial. If you want to improve your site traffic you’ll need to know who your audience is and where it comes from. The most advanced tool to track your website stats is WordPress Google Analytics plugin. It will give you detailed stats on your blog’s audience, traffic sources, real time visitors and on any metric and dimension you’re interested in. It lets you compare reports from different periods, and export them to CSV or PDF files. You can also track targeted activities, exclude specific data from reports, set up notifications, and many more.

Use Compelling Headlines

Hook your readers at hello. Headlines are what grab your attention at first and play a great role whether your visitors will click on the post or just skip it. The stats point out that 80% of your readers will read your headline and only 20% of them will actually read the post (sad but true). With stats like this it gets clear that writing attention grabbing and interesting headlines is a must if you want people to come to your site. Try to write short and sweet, relevant and interesting headlines. Try to test keywords, length, combinations and see what works best for your site.

Write Unique and Relevant Content


Well, great headlines and site optimization won’t matter if your content is not good enough. There is so much content out there on every topic and issue, that it gets harder to stand out from the crowd. But the good news is it’s still possible. Give users a few good reasons to visit your web site.

Create unique, high-quality and utterly authentic content that is compelling, engaging and, at the same time, useful for visitors. Compelling content is the only way to keep a constant flow to your website.

Improve your marketing strategy

If your website still doesn’t get the desired traffic, then most likely there is something wrong with your marketing strategy. Instead of trying to reach out to every user who’s online try to target the audience that’s interested in what you do. A good way to target the right audience is building an email list. Collecting emails from your site visitors will ensure you’re connecting with the audience that has willingly subscribed to your website and is interested in getting updates. A good way to collect subscribers for your site is Mailchimp, and there is a really great way to bring it to your website. With MailChimp WordPress plugin you’ll get full control over your subscription forms and email lists. It allows you to create stunning forms with custom fields, like PayPal, file upload, survey tools, and provides scroll box, top bar, popup and embedded form display options. The plugin comes with an outstanding conditional fields functionality, which allows you to show/hide form fields based on the specific selections your user makes. It will be a good addition to your marketing efforts and help you get the desired traffic.

Engage with social media


The role of social media can’t be overlooked. It’s another great chance to get your website in front of potential readers and drive more traffic to your website. Make sure to add social sharing buttons to your posts and pages, and provide social following links as well. It’s a proven way to spread awareness about your website.

You can use AddToAny social sharing buttons on your website if you still don’t have any. It comes with a universal sharing button, and gives you a myriad of button styles and placement options to choose from. The plugin is fully customizable,and is analytics integrated to help you track your shares.

Go Mobile friendly

With as much as half of the users using mobile phones and tablets to surf the internet, make sure your website is not missing a huge portion of traffic. Go mobile friendly and provide the best user experience to your site visitors no matter what device they are using.

Guest Posting


It’s believed that guest posting is the secret to traffic success. It helps you get in front of a larger audience, get more traffic and earn backlinks to your site which ultimately result in better SEO ranking. Just make sure to post on relevant blogs and share valuable content.

These are some of the most efficient ways to get more more people to your site and improve your traffic. Also, try to learn more about your targeted audience and the results will double. Are there any other ways you used to improve your traffic ? What worked the best ? Share your experience I would really love to hear them.