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GraphicSoulz Design Resources

Power Your Design Process with a Collection of 200+ Assets

By GraphicSoulz | in Web Services


These design resources from GraphicSoulz are guaranteed to streamline your professional projects, saving you the tedious task of creating each and every graphic from scratch. From wireframe mockups to vector textures, you’ll have unlimited access to a wide variety of polished, quality assets to take your designs to the next level.

  • Access 200+ individual assets to use for your designs
  • Easily create sleek UIs using ready-made kits
  • Quickly assemble mockups & layouts
  • Embellish your designs w/ prints & textures
  • Create sleek & stunning designs

See Specs for all included assets!

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Bek Temirbay: 8 Premium Templates

Get 8 Layouts to Engage & Excite Your Web Audience

By Bek Temirbaev | in Web Services


This set of 8 templates offers you a variety of clean and modern website designs to power your projects and increase your productivity. From magazine to product templates, you’ll access a number of layouts that are responsive, compatible with multiple devices, and easy to implement. These templates are not only sleek but also functional, making them as much a pleasure to use as they are to view.

  • Avoid designing entire layouts from scratch
  • Enjoy the functionality of UI-optimized designs
  • Access a set of modifiable PSD files for each template
  • Customize your templates to suit your site’s needs
  • Build sites geared towards e-commerce, content publishing, etc.
  • Access pre-made design assets: icons, images, etc.
  • Quickly troubleshoot site issues w/ customer support

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Fluid Mask 3 for Mac

Use This Masking Program to Alter Images Without Damaging The Original Version

By Vertus Tech | in Web Services


The Fluid Mask 3 program for Mac enables the user to mask an image, or make parts of an image layer invisible. Designers can then obscure the masked parts of the image without destroying them, allows them to expose them later in the design process if desired. With a wide range of tools to precisely mask your images, this program will prove an invaluable addition to your design toolbox.

  • Use to quickly mask any part of an image
  • Make extremely fine color-based mask selections
  • Use localized blending tools to augment your image
  • Adjust your working resolution to broadly or precisely create masking segments
  • Tailor default settings to your needs
  • Take advantage of an intuitive UI
  • Get professional-quality results in your work

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Themelantic Tumblr and WordPress Themes

Upgrade Your Blog With 8 Visually Stunning Layouts

By Themelantic | in Web Services


Don’t settle for poorly designed themes when customizing the appearance of your Tumblr or WordPress. Instead, reach into Themelantic’s collection of ready-made themes to make your blog attractive. With a wide range of theme options including design portfolios and photo galleries, you’ll exert minimal effort in maximizing the aesthetic potential of your website.

  • Give your Tumblr or WordPress a professionally designed look
  • Choose a customized theme to fit your blog’s purpose
  • Avoid spending hours crafting blog themes yourself
  • Avoid outsourcing your blog design work
  • Save time & money