Pay What You Want: Mobile-First Developer’s Bundle

Pay What You Want: Mobile-First Developer’s Bundle PREVIOUSNEXT By Tony Gentle , June 16, 2015

Have you ever wanted to code apps like the pros but just didn’t know how to go about it? Well today you are in luck, we are offering you this amazing Mobile-First Developer’s Bundle. With these courses you will learn all you need to know about app development so you can create that next popular video game or app.

You will learn everything from how to Master Android Lollipop 5.0 to Create Audience-Grabbing Apps all the way to becoming a successful iOS Programmer with Swift.

WithPay What You Want bundles you save in a big way and can get something fantastic for as little as you want to pay. The way that Pay What You Want bundles works is by getting elite level training, design assets, software, and much more at a price of your liking, if you beat the average price, you’ll receive the fully upgraded bundle! If you beat the leader price you become the giving leader for this deal.

Total value of this Pay What You Want bundles$1740 Value!

10% of all profits from your purchase will go towards Creative Commons, who develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation.

It’s a Mobile, Mobile World. Learn to Code & Design Clean Native Apps with 71 Hours of Content in 10 Courses!


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Monetize Your App: Major Advertising Networks

Add Ads to Your App to Make the Big Bucks!

By iOSOnlineCourses | in eLearning


  • Learn w/ over 35 lectures & 2 hours of content
  • Advertise within your app to earn a passive income
  • Learn about the major advertising networks: Google Admob, Revmob, Chartboost & more
  • Upgrade your ad networks to the latest SDKs
  • Add Revmob advertising from scratch
  • Expand your business

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The Complete Android Lollipop App Development Course

Master Android Lollipop 5.0 to Create Audience-Grabbing Apps

By Eduonix | in eLearning


  • 58 lectures, 7 hours of quality content
  • Explore the Android tools & ecosystem
  • Understand practical app development concepts
  • Monetize your professional-quality apps by integrating ads
  • Get a full understanding of the Android UI
  • Master dynamic views & create adapters

5e30ba3cc7980747cd8646b52f163d00eee76d33 main hero image

Learn Android Development from Scratch

A Beginner-Friendly Introduction to Coding for Android

By Eduonix Learning Solutions | in eLearning


  • Over 44 lectures, 7 hours of content
  • Create Android apps & games w/ no prior knowledge
  • Understand the core concepts of Android programming
  • Explore the features & specifications of the Android SDK
  • Master Eclipse ADT & Android SDK
  • Gain skills to work on Android commercial & freelance projects
  • Receive a certificate of completion

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Learn Swift Programming Step by Step

Become a Successful iOS Programmer with Swift

By Eduonix Learning Solutions | in eLearning


  • Over 55 lectures, 7.5 hours of content
  • Learn how Swift differs from other iOS programming languages
  • Explore Xcode concepts & major uses
  • Watch live practical examples of Swift syntax
  • Utilize various operators, strings & characters for manipulating data
  • Study using loops in your coding
  • Master complete object oriented programming

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Learn to Build Mobile Games Using Unity 3D

Master the Techniques for Building Best-Selling Mobile Games

By Eduonix Learning Solutions | in eLearning


  • Over 36 lectures, 5+ hours of content
  • Master Unity 3D, one of the most popular cross-platform game engines for mobile phones & tablets
  • Learn game development processes & techniques for 2D and 3D
  • Acquire practical knowledge with a detailed look into its editor & scripting language

C46b58a477ebc0d187dddb54c044cf23331e5d62 main hero image

Projects in HTML5

Build 10 Products in HTML5 & JavaScript

By Eduonix Learning Solutions | in eLearning


  • Over 75 lectures, 15.5 hours of content
  • Learn & apply concepts to 10 real-life games, apps, and sites
  • Become a front-end expert developing unique apps & responsive websites
  • Develop the front-end for a blog using tags, forms, CSS3 & responsive design
  • Create an animated image gallery, a sticky note app & a snake game
  • Expand your client base & update your resume to advance your career




8b94a99735152f2737fbcc79e3b0d69b33fccfc5 main hero image

The Ultimate Android Course for Complete Beginners

Learn to Build Engaging Android Apps w/ This Project-Based Course

By Mammoth Interactive | in eLearning


  • Over 228 lectures, 11.5 hours of content
  • Understand the basic components of Android apps
  • Master coding in Java
  • Practice your new skills w/ hands-on app exercises
  • Build apps such as sales tax calculators, mortgage calculators & more

F7579fedbdc05c07fa6c1e496e8d76cc403df2aa main hero image

Learn iOS 8 Mobile App Design & Make Top Money

Learn Essential UI/UX Techniques from Scratch

By Edurila | in eLearning


  • 93 lectures, 5.5 hours of content
  • Design user-friendly, engaging, beautiful mobile apps
  • Work on practice assignments & quizzes
  • Understand how to design for all platforms: iOS, Android & Windows
  • Research ways to discover your target audience
  • Create sketches & wireframes
  • See which techniques are trending in UX
  • Study how to develop your own app idea
  • Learn Adobe Photoshop from scratch

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Create a Native App for Your WordPress Website in 8 Days

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly–No Coding Required

By Edurila | in eLearning


  • Over 53 lectures, 1.5 hours of content
  • Create native apps for all major mobile devices
  • Connect your WordPress posts to the app
  • Send push notifications to your readers
  • Easily update your apps
  • Add a variety of features from news sections to calendars

58109b76f3e51513fb4ada46d79e199e16b4c9ae main hero image

Mobile App Design in Sketch 3: UX & UI Design from Scratch

Build Beautiful & User-Friendly Mobile Apps with Zero Experience

By Edurila | in eLearning


  • Over 80 lectures, 8.5 hours of content
  • Work faster & better to create amazing graphics
  • Create mobile app designs from scratch
  • Navigate the Sketch 3 interface
  • Approach app design with a focus on user experience
  • Understand best practices for UX research
  • Create an idea, research, mock up, design & prototype
  • Deploy assets to developers
  • Create custom icon packs

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