Pay What You Want for the WordPress Mega Plug-In Bundle

Most successful online businesses run WordPress site. Why? Aside from the fact that WordPress is free, it is also beginner friendly. You can literally setup your website within five minutes. Plus, there are thousands of WordPress plug-ins that allows you to extend the functionality of your website. The WordPress Mega Plug-in Bundle gives you access to over 80 premium plug-ins. This bundle is just what you need to take your website to the next level.

WordPress plug-ins can make a huge difference in how your website functions. There are lots of features packed into each one, so you can boost your site to a premium level. With the WordPress Mega Plug-in Bundle, you can add great features to your site with just a few clicks.

WordPress Mega Plug-In Bundle

WordPress Mega Plug-In Bundle

The WordPress Mega Plug-in Bundle gives you access to a huge library of high quality plug-ins, split into four volumes. The bundle is consist of over 80 premium plug-ins that covers everything from social media to leads acquisition, SEO and more.

Expand your page’s reach and take your site to the next level with $4,000 worth of WordPress plug-ins.

WordPress Plug-ins Volume 1: Social Media and Engagement

Value: $1,000

Volume 1 includes 20 social media and engagement WordPress plug-ins. This collection of plug-ins is curated to grow your site with social share features, keep your audience engaged, optimize your landing pages, and monitor your site’s SEO performance. It contains all the plug-ins you will ever need to grow your page and connect with your target audience.

WordPress Plug-ins Volumes 2,3,4

Value: $3,000

Name your price for the WordPress Mega Plug-in Bundle

Building your own WordPress website is a walk in the park, but turning it into a polished, lead-generating powerhouse takes a bit more effort.

With the WordPress Plug-in Volumes 2,3, and 4, you can enhance your page’s appeal, grow your page into a marketing platform, and increase conversions without having to fork out for pricey design and marketing software. Cut marketing costs and grow your site with 60 WordPress plug-ins.

If you want to keep your blog or website up-to-date with the newest social networking and marketing trends, this is the perfect bundle for you. The WordPress Mega Plug-in Bundle gives you access to over 80 high quality WordPress plug-ins that will help you capture more leads, boost social engagement, improve sales and more.

Back then, the WordPress Mega Plug-in Bundle only contained 7 plug-ins. The collection has grown over the years, and will continue to grow. Today, the bundle contains over 80 premium plug-ins and retails for $4,000. The good news is that you don’t need to pay a considerable amount of money to improve your site and your web presence.

This week on Designrfix Deals, you can get massive savings on the WordPress Mega Plug-in Bundle. In fact, we’re giving you a chance to decide how much or how little you pay.

Pay what you want: how it works

With the pay what you want offer, you decide how much or how little you pay for this plug-in bundle. Beat the average price and you’ll take home the entire bundle. Even if you don’t, you still get to bring home something amazing. In fact, you’ll get instant access to one volume just by participating. Pay any price and you’ll get access to the WordPress Plug-ins Volume 1, which contains 20 plug-ins and is valued at $1,000.

As of writing, the average price is locked at $12.10. Beat the average price to get the entire bundle. If you’re feeling a bit competitive, then we encourage you to beat the leader price. In addition to taking home the entire bundle, you’ll also get entered into our epic giveaway. Plus, you’ll get featured on the leader board. At present, leader price is $60. That’s only a fraction of the cost of 1 volume.

Please keep in mind that this deal will only last a few days. If you are interested to get this bundle, we encourage you to act now.

It’s time to take your site to next level and beyond. Get the WordPress Mega Plug-in Bundle today.