Passive Income Methods for Designers –

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If you are a designer who is looking to increase his or her revenue, finding extra work or creating a project of your own should not be that big of a problem. It all comes down to your experience and willingness to learn new things, but you already have a big advantage over others thanks to your design skills.

Not sure how to get started? Do not worry. This article has you covered as it provides designers with great methods that will make them extra money or even lead toward changing their careers.

Method #1 – Start a Print on Demand Store

If it’s fast profitability you’re after, Printify explains on this page how is print on demand profitable? Starting your store will take some time as you will need to learn how to develop a website and attract customers via marketing.

As an alternative, you can look to join an already established brand and offer your services as a graphic designer. Stores are looking for new and fresh design ideas all the time since sticking to old designs stagnates the business.

Overall, print on demand is a good method since the investments are not that big. There are multiple merchandise ideas to try, not just t-shirts. Finally, it will be a great learning experience if you ever feel like working in the ecommerce industry.

Method #2 – Write a Blog

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While writing and designing are two different professions, you can still create a successful and profitable blog, especially if you do not lack ideas for articles and are looking for another way to express yourself.

Visuals are one of the things that readers tend to underestimate in a blog. Once again, you will have another advantage of excelling in your blog and standing out from the rest by including infographics and other eye-appealing visuals.

As for the writing itself, it could be a variety of topics, but remaining consistent is easier when you are blogging about a topic you are interested in. Finally, you can monetize the blog by creating a crowdfunding page, promoting your merchandise, adding affiliate links, or running ads.

Method #3 – Sell Old Designs

There are bound to be some old designs that you have not used beforehand. Instead of having them lie around in a forgotten folder, sell them in one of many available marketplaces for various designs.

It might not be the most profitable idea, and you will not have a sustainable income because the unused designs will run out. However, if you are looking to make some money quickly, there is no reason not to put those designs on the market.

Method #4 – Stream Your Work

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Streaming platforms like Mixer and Twitch TV continue to attract more viewers. What started as a place for gamers had quickly turned into a variety of channels for entertainment.

You have cooking shows, musical performances, podcasts, and people just chatting and interacting with their audience.

It just so happens that there is an opportunity to make money as a graphic designer as well. Slowly build your number of followers by streaming how you create designs. The money comes from sponsorship deals, ads, donations, and subscriptions.

Method #5 – Create Courses Online

The demand for online education continues to grow. According to Utep Connect, about 36 percent of people who are learning online want to switch careers. And there are plenty of other people who are looking to improve their craft or learn something in their free time.

Online education is great because you are not shackled with time frames and can choose to learn the course when it is convenient. Managing your work and other activities is easier. For instance, if you are still in college and would like to learn graphic design, you can take the courses online after your regular classes are over.

There are different platforms that allow you to create and sell courses. Two of the most popular are Skillshare and Udemy. Nevertheless, you can also create a YouTube channel and grow the number of subscribers and views. Subscribers and video views translate to money later.

Method #6 – Look for Freelancer Gigs

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Freelancer sites like UpWork and Fiverr have plenty of job offers for graphic designers. There is always a demand for skilled designers as people are looking to hire someone who can create professionally-looking infographics, banners for social media, or designs for stickers.

Starting on a freelancer platform is going to be tricky since you are going against a lot of competition. But once you get a few gigs and receive positive feedback on your profile, things ought to break, and you will receive more orders.

To sum it all up, there are multiple methods that you can try as a graphic designer who is looking to make extra money. And remember that you can always quit if it is not your main source of income.