Parallax Scrolling Without Code: Webydo Invites You To Its Closed Beta

Whether you’re either a web designer or graphic designer, you’ve probably heard about Webydo by now and their mission to provide designers with the most professional design features necessary. The team over at Webydo believes in giving talented and determined designers everything they need in order to publish pixel-perfect websites, completely code-free.


It is Webydo’s community of designers that collectively decides what features should be included or added next to the online design studio. After holding a poll and receiving more than 91,000 votes, it was unanimously decided:

The latest feature added to Webydo’s platform has just been released in closed beta and all of our readers are invited to test it out. This amazing new addition will give your website that something extra without you having to write a single line of code. The invite is available for the first 3,000 designers who sign up and will give you the opportunity to test out the beta version of Webydo’s Parallax Scrolling Animator. Hurry up, last week close to 2,000 invites were snatched up in under 1.5 hours!

“Webydo is a community led platform. We’ve developed the pixel-perfect Parallax Animator because this is what our designer community voted for. Our designers are leading the platform and shaping its features. If designers will vote for a digital unicorn, our team will develop a digital unicorn! Now, we’re dying to know what you think of our parallax scrolling animator”—Shmulik Grizim, CEO Webydo


What is Parallax Scrolling?

First off, parallax scrolling started to peak the attention of the professional designers community in 2013 and now we are seeing this trend being popularized by many brands such as Puma and Sony. Second, as you could probably tell from the name, this feature allows you to adjust the way in which your background and your foreground images move when scrolling down the page. Using this feature, you can make your background images move slower than the foreground and you’re assured of an amazing visual effect.

By using Webydo’s new Parallax Scrolling Animator, designers can now make elements of their website move smoothly and with pixel perfect accuracy. You will have full control over transparency, rotation, speed and trajectory for all objects defined within your webpage. Over all, you can use Parallax Scrolling to create a lasting good impression on your visitors, effortlessly create engaging graphics and tell your story.


How has Webydo made it easy?

By adding this amazing new feature to their interface, Webydo has given designers complete freedom to integrate Parallax Scrolling into their websites without having to learn to code a thing. The interface is similar to Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, so the transition to it should be smooth for any designer worth his (or her) money. This means that creative professionals will now have full creative control on how their clients websites from start to finish. Getting started on creating a parallax scrolling website is completely possible, and all you have to do is sign up.

What are you waiting for? Be among the lucky first 8,000 and start changing the way web designers such as you work!


This article is presented by Webydo’s community of professional web & graphic designers.