Must Have Apps to Build an Effective Facebook Page


Make the most of your Facebook. No matter whether you want to promote a business or simply build your community, you need to have a stunning Facebook Page that encourages communication and interaction. Don’t cringe if you are clueless about building an effective Facebook Page. Get these Facebook Community Building Apps installed to establish your presence in the world of Facebook.


Contact Form

As the name implies, the Contact Form apps allows you to have a contact form on your Facebook Page. It is the most convenient tool for your clients as well as fans, who wish to communicate with you. For example, if you don’t wish to display your contact numbers to the public, you can simply have a contact form on your FB page. The contact form will take in the contact details and a brief message of the person who wants to get in touch with you. Every time a contact form is submitted, you will receive an intimation on your FB and email. You can simply review the contact form to learn the message and contact details of the sender and interact with those whom you feel important. The contact form eases the job of keeping in touch with your FB fans and business clients. Believe it or not, this incredible application is absolutely FREE. Build your communication with your clients and fans with this easy to use form.


Clarify the queries and doubts of your clients and fans with this amazing Facebook application. If your business users or clients have some clarifications on your product or service, they can simply use this tab to get the needed help. The FAQ tab is nothing but a click-able banner that will have the users fill out a form describing their problems. The users can also view the recent/old questions and solutions that you have provided for the questions. If the users are not satisfied with the existing resolutions, they can go ahead and post a new question through the FAQ tab. So, get ready, offer an extended help to those who are in need with the FAQ tab.

YouTube Video Box

This is an amazing application that allows you to display a series of videos on Facebook. For example, you can display the working of a product, instructional videos, tutoring videos or a speech to your fans. The great advantage is that this tool accepts only ratings and not comments. So, you don’t have to worry about the negative comments that you may receive on the video. The YouTube Video box is easy to install and operate. Please note that your tube video box will only display selective set of videos. Simplify the job of sharing videos by making use of this remarkable community building application.

Networked Blogs

This tool is a blessing in disguise for bloggers. With this smart app in place, you no longer have to log into your Facebook to share your blog posts. A simple click is all that you need to do to share your new blog posts on your Facebook Wall. Another great advantage of Network Blogs is that it also allows you to share your blog posts on your FB profile and Twitter accounts. For example, if you have 3 to 4 blogs, posting each and every new blog post of each of your blogs on the Facebook Wall can be a time-consuming task. Rather, you can share all the new blog posts from multiple blogs at the click of the button by making use of Networked blogs.

Scribd for Pages

The Scribd for Pages offers the convenience of sharing documents on Facebook. With this tool, you can share PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG and PPT files on your Facebook. For example, if you wish to share a product manual or image files, you can greatly benefit out of Scribd.


This is another easy to use Contact Form that you can have on your Facebook page. The advantage of ContactMe is that it allows you to customize the Contact Form according to your needs. For example, you can modify or create new fields for your Contact Form to give it a unique look.

Forum for Pages

As the name implies, the Forum for Pages allows you to create Forums on your Facebook Profile. You can build communication between your fans or clients by creating a Forum on your Facebook Page. At the same time, you will be able to control the forum discussions and activities completely. For example, you can remove unwanted discussions from the forum at any point of time.

The success of your Facebook Page purely depends on the type of apps that you use. This doesn’t mean that you have to use all the n number of apps that is available in the market. Rather, you could use only the above-mentioned apps to improve your Facebook interaction greatly. Make sure that you understand the working of the application before you implement it on your Facebook.