Remember the time when you or a friend wanted to start a blog back in high school? Blogs had only hit the internet back when I was in high school and everyone, writer or not, suddenly seemed to have an opinion on sports, fashion, food, life, and what not! The best way to make those opinions known to a wider audience was blogs. Everyone wanted to have one!

Thanks to WordPress, everyone got their fair share of blogging. No kidding. WordPress started in 2003 and took blogging to a whole new level of awesomeness. Everyone back in the day was totally flattered by WordPress’ default blog themes and the customization they allowed.

WordPress has done it, yet again. This time for websites! Designing a website has never been easier. Branding Agency, Dubai based e-shops, professional web development service providers, and many more businesses turn to WordPress to get an online presence and market their products. WordPress is by far the smoothest of all content management systems. It has upheld its good name all these years. Here’s how they are pulling it off:



It’s Pretty Basic to Use

The user friendly interface of WordPress has its way around first-timers. Therefore, setting up a website on WordPress is pretty basic. Adding new pages, images, and blog posts or editing any existing content can be done with a swish of the wand! The simpler technology used on the user’s end allows for time saving, that would have otherwise been spent on formatting of the web pages.

It Can Be Accessed From Any Computer

Because it’s browser-based, WordPress allows you the liberty to access your website from any computer with an internet connection. Login from anywhere in the world and manage your website in the snap of a finger.

It’s Search Engine’s Favorite

WordPress runs all its websites on a very neat and precise code. This alleviates the efforts of search engine bots in reading and indexing the site content. Secondly, each post, image, and page is allowed its own meta tag keywords, title, and description. These details offer a great helping hand in search engine optimization to great precision. Better search engine optimized sites bring more focused and qualified leads to the website. Way to go, WordPress!

No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required with WordPress

WordPress takes care of all sorts of HTML editing needed for your website. You don’t need to invest resources in any software, such as Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver. You can upload images, documents, and files and edit them on WordPress without a care in the world for additional HTML or FTP codes.

Website Design Is Customizable and Under Your Control

First off, there will be no more waiting for appointments with your website developer to make the slightest of amendments to your online portal. WordPress gives you complete control of nearly all aspects of your website. And because the interface is so intuitive yet simple, you can readily make those quick changes yourself.

Adding to the many benefits of WordPress, the outlook of your website is entirely customizable. You can tweak and play around with the many features to give your website the right feel, one that resonates with your brand. With the brand motto gleaming through the website, your visitors will sure have a comfortable website experience.

Built-in Blogs

Because it was initially a blogging platform, WordPress websites have built-in blogs. These blogs are surprisingly aesthetic, customizable, and easily integrated. You can set-up RSS/email subscription fairly easily, as well as you can pin the latest blog post to other pages of the website. These WordPress features help give a more professional look to the website and keep important information pinned in the right places for the visitors to see.

Website Growth with Plugins

WordPress is all game for cross-platform sharing and communication. You can add calendars, Twitter feed, YouTube videos, Facebook Fan Box, etc. with WordPress plugins. Most of these plugins are free or fairly priced.

These plugins help your website grow along with your business. The more visually engaging content you have on your website, the greater the number of people you are going to attract.

I’m sure I have successfully made up your mind to create your website or switch it to WordPress. In doing so, you will be investing your efforts and time in the right platform from the very beginning of your online presence. And I’m sure this wise first step will take you a long way.

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