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Microsoft Net WorthLegal Name:Microsoft CorporationHeadquarters Regions:Greater Seattle Area, West Coast, Western USFounded Date:Apr 4, 1975Founders:Bill Gates, Gary P. Smith, Nate Yohannes, JD, Paul AllenNumber of Employees:10001+Company Type:For-ProfitArea served:WorldwideProducts of Company:Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Collaboration, Consumer Electronics, Developer Tools, Enterprise Software, Operating SystemsRevenue in Year 2022:N/ANet income in Year 2022:N/AEstimated Net Worth in 2022:$1 Trillion (Estimated)

Microsoft is a global multinational technology company which has its headquarters in the Washington United States. Today the company engages itself in the business of developing, manufacturing, licensing and selling its services, consumer electronics, computer hardware, and software.

Today the company has been listed as the 2nd best employer in the world, 3rd in the world regarding the market value, 3rd most valuable brand, and its sales revenue reads around $85.27 billion. With such a revenue, what do you think is Microsoft net worth value considering its founder Bill Gates net worth stands at $105 billion in 2022. In addition just because you use some of the company’s product doesn’t mean you know everything about the company and so am giving you a couple of things probably you don’t know about Microsoft.

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Microsoft Company Profile/Inception

The company was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The two decided to form this company after they successfully developed a BASIC Interpreter to MITS who agreed to distribute it under Altair Basic. Allen suggested the name Microsoft, and to date, the company still goes by the name.

Microsoft today has become a worldwide leader in software development, offering web-based services, developing devices, and providing solutions that are in line with making life simpler and helping businesses reach their full potential. The company has over 114,000 employees, holds position 6 in profits, and it’s the best management consulting firm in the world to date.

Microsoft first ventured into the operating system OS business in 1980 with Xenix but wasn’t successful as much as MS-DOS. MS-DOS ensured that Microsoft is the world’s PC operating system’s vendor.


In 1986 after the company went public and it made around $4 billion, and all its employees became instant millionaires. In 1990 Microsoft developed Microsoft Office, and in the same year, it launched it’s Windows 3.0. Between 1995 and 2007 the company released Windows 95, MSN, Windows 98 1998, Windows 2000, Office XP 2001, Windows XP 2001, Xbox 2001, and in 2005 Xbox 360.

Between 2007 and 2011, Microsoft launched Windows Vista and Microsoft 2007 to global consumers. In 2008 Microsoft launched Visual Studio, SQL Server, and Windows Server. In 2009 the company launched Bing, and Windows 7. In 2010 Kinect for Xbox 360 was launched, Windows Phone 7, and the availability of Microsoft Lync.

From 2011 to date the company has released a number of products, and some of them are Office 365 in 2011, acquiring Skype, Windows Server 2012, Visual Studio 2012, Windows 8 2012, and windows phone 8, launch of 2013, Xbox One 2013, Windows 8.1 2013, Ipad, acquires Nokia Devices and services 2014, Windows 10 2015, Office 2016 in 2015, SQL Server 2016 in 2016, acquires LinkedIn in 2016, Xbox One X premiered in 2017, and Surface Laptop.


On Awards and Achievements Microsoft hasn’t yet received any official award but irrespective of that it has scooped the award of being the second-best employer globally and third most valuable brand.

Microsoft Net Worth & Revenue in 2022

As of January 2022, Microsoft net worth stands at $1 Trillion. From their sales of products and services, the company has a return revenue of $85.27 billion its assets are valued at $224.61 billion, and on an annual basis, the company profits were registered at $16.77 billion. Most of the company’s income comes from the sale of its products and services. Currently, Microsoft shares are going for $102.

8 Lesser-Known Facts You Need To Know About Microsoft

Microsoft has established itself as a global technology firm providing a number of products and services to consumers globally. However, other than Microsoft net worth, its founders and its products and services what else do you know about the company? Well here are a few things you don’t know about Microsoft.

1. In 1986 if you purchased one share of Microsoft stock, you would have bought it at $21, and today its value would be $14,990. That’s of 71,280% increase.

2. Its founder in 1987 became the youngest billionaire, and in 1995 he became the wealthiest man in the world.

3. Originally Microsoft was called Micro-Soft.

4. You can fake the Blue Screen of death, but it originally started in OS/2.

5. The company is the second best globally in relation to being a good employer.

6. Microsoft Office has over a billion users worldwide.

7. To date, Microsoft has acquired over 150 companies, and a number of them were released to them with a figure reading a billion.

8. Since going public, the company stayed for 23 years before it ever reported a drop in revenue.

Microsoft net worth is just a reflection of how the company has grown over the years, and it seems soon they will definitely hit over the trillion marks.